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Random Muscle Twitches


So I'm getting one right now as I type this in my right deltoid. I can look at it and see my shirt move. It's been going on for like an hour and is inconsistent. I've got them before in my delts, bis, calves and quads.

Has anyone else got these? Anyone got an answer for WTF is up with that?

Is it just blood trying to get through and being slowed down somehow?


Funny you mention that ... my eyelid's been twitching intermittently for about a week or so ... I sometimes get twitches in other places, but only for like a minute and then nothing for a while

Don't know what it is though...


Nervous system bein' all weird and shit. Be sendin' involuntary signals to make the muscles to move when you ain't be asking them to move.


ive had them before, on the inner side of my bicep, and just at random times like nowheres near workin out or anything, they just happen for a bit than go away, ive never had them for a long period of time though


Scientologists believe you are seriously fucked up mentally, so there you go.


Scientologists believe you are seriously fucked up mentally, so there you go.




happens to me all the time brah

my delts, my biceps, my quads,my glutes, my back my lats, any/everywhere really


Ease up off the trigger Neely! You must be having the twitches too. hahaha


This happens to me sometimes, really strange speed flexing thing, like your being electrified or something!



happens to me all the time...my biceps will freak the fuck out for like 30mins havent experienced it in any other muscles yet tho i think...


haha yes the timing was perfect


my left tricep twitches alot. when it happens though, it is very rhythmic; it almost lines up with the clock ticking. the back of my arm just bounces, its freaky and cool at the same time. i'll try and get a video the next time it happens


I get them in my calves a lot when im lifting. It also happens when i first wake up in the morning and try to stretch out in bed, my legs will start shaking for a minute or so.


It just means your power can barely be contained by your body. It's just dying to be released into the world.


I agree, it is a power surge. It seems that there are many causes of muscle twitches, but low dehydration or low electrolytes commonly cause them. I cannot verify ths, but I have also heard that muscle growth and low blood sugar can also cause it.


I had these.It stopped when I started drink a lot of water. Drink lots of water!!!!!!!!!


i think vader is right.

weird thing is that as of this morning i hadn't lifted in 36ish hours. it stopped after about an hour.

guess next time i get them i'll have to start hitting shit to release the power.


Now you are on the path to ultimate power!


Vader is right, whenever I get them I start punching huge guys and ripping stop signs out of the ground and they disappear once my power is used up.