random muscle spasms??????

sorry if this has been asked, but does anyone know what random muscle spasms mean? its pretty strange to see muscles you cant consciously flex [ like the middle head of your delts] jump up at high speeds. does anyone else get them?

yes, in my quadricept, it feels really cool but I only get to see it when im on the crapper. You know… cause pants are down… yeah…

I recall reading something related to calcium/magnesium levels. I am sure someone here can pinpoint it really specific.

it means that acetylcholine isn’t being broken down by acetylcholinase, but rather keeps touching the receptors in the synapse, which makes the muscle fire over and over. There are so many vitamins/minerals involved in the synaptic release of neurotransmitters and the subsquent uptake/inhibition of those transmitters, it’s kinda hard to tell which a person is deficient in in that specific synapse.

I usually rub it and it goes away.

I used to get them quite frequently throughout my body. I still get them occasionally, usually during stressful periods.

I went to a Neurologist and after a few tests was diagnosed with Benign Fasciculation syndrome (BFS). Meaning, they don’t have a diagnosis for the issue, and if it’s not disease related (Parkinsons, ALS, MD) then they put it into that bucket.

Believe it or not, creatine seemed to help with the twitching. It might be worth checking with a Neurologist if they are bothersome.

yeah, i get that shit all the time…

seems to be especially prevalent when my bf is low…

I get then here and there. I don’t worry about them though, I just show people. “Wow, look…it’s moving”

they’re not painful at all, and lately have only been in my legs. i’m farly lean [under 10%] i saw that someone said when their bf levels are low they get them, so maybe thats it. i didnt want to sound like i was complaining, cause they’re unbothersome, just lookin for a reason.thanks for the replies.

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i used to have them all the time in my pec region. and they all of a sudden stopped, i was anything but low in bodyfat

my eyebrow twitches like that