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Random Lifting At Home

Doing some stuff with dbs , light cardio with a rope pullups or w\e using decent loads althought one or two reps short of faliure I’m not counting sets or anything (I train 3 times a week ‘formally’ full-body,I’m not sore very often and know I don’t do preety much anything that ivloves my sore muscules if they are)

This could be some ropework to learn a new pattern or just odign them while watchign tv(some habit)trying to improove my one arm snatch technique and speed maybe some new excersices , pullups , well you get the idea,

Can it be harmfull for my recovery,mess my strength gains,overtraining or could it be a good way to get a little workout effect in between meals?

whats your opinion?
Do you try to do totally nothing except whats neccesary on off / around a workout days or you just got used to doing some pullups each time when walking past the door with the bar in it…

p.s I’m new to T-Nation about time ill post

It depends on a bunch of things. If you are making progress doing it, then it probably isn’t hurting anything.

However, it is possible to do enough work that you aren’t able to recover… but if you are taking it easy and just doing something different on off days, it should be okay.

You’ll be able to tell by whether or not you start to NOT want to go to the gym on your regular days.

I know that’s not an answer, per se, but if it works, it works…

yeah about 8 months ago there were things been frown around mainly a few words overtraining and cns burn out alot of guys took this shit too seriously and ended not even breaking a sweat when they went to the gym and didnt do anything on their off days even frikkn opening a jar of pasta sauce or helping out doin anything around the house or yard don’ t be afraid to overtrain you might miss out on some awesome growth on your way there.

You can do what you want it is no problem. Two people do the same workout but one has a desk job and one works in construction - everyone is different. There is no reason why you cannot do what you want to and even increase your gains.

You have to listen to your body and what it is doing.

Be aware whether it helps or hinders your progress.

If you do some adhoc stuff at home for shoulders then go and do shoulder workouts and can hardly perform well then obviously that ain’t great.

But really your body will adapt to whatever you are doing. If you don’t overtrain, then the danger is you might go stale instead.

Thanks for the replies , I guess that as long as I don’t go crazy about it and just do some curls whenever I want to get some pump or w\e won’t hurt

btw whats adhoc?

[quote]emonkeh wrote:
Thanks for the replies , I guess that as long as I don’t go crazy about it and just do some curls whenever I want to get some pump or w\e won’t hurt

btw whats adhoc?[/quote]

Adhoc means randomly, i.e. without plan, whenever you feel like it.

Keep in mind the reason most lifters have a whole program designed is so that they can maintain balanced lifting, and optimize the effects of each lift.

If I were you, and I wanted to do ad-hoc lifting, I’d make sure to do more than just curls. I.e. do some push-ups, chin-ups, have a loaded deadlift bar handy, etc. Lifting frequently is a fine way to get stronger, but you just need to make sure you’re doing it in a balanced way.