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Random Idea - Like It or Not


I would like to see a "like" button.

Perhaps I'm just a facebook whore,
but it would be nice to just click
"like" at the bottom of an article
and have it show up on facebook.

Further, I would like to be able
to "like" an individual post.

Just a little thumbs up to let
the poster know, "hey, I enjoyed
your post enough to click, but
not enough to respond with
'lol' - keep up the good work,
and know that your posting efforts
are appreciated."



It would be awesome if we could then search by most liked articles and posts.


I want a "dislike button".


I'm in for a like button.. sounds like a great idea


Was that a Haiku?


Yes you are a facebook whore.



(See? It's perfect.)


Sure, why not.


Tits or GTFO!



I think we should (like Reddit, Slashdot and YouTube) be able to vote up/down posts.


I want a button that snaps people's floating ribs.


As long as they're a dislike.




I like the idea. My only problem is that my posts will receive so many likes it will overrun T-Nation's servers and the site will explode through the internets.


(pressed the "dislike" button for this idea).

Call me old skool. Bring back the 1-5 star ratings like youtube used to have.


Id also like a rating for individual posts.

However, I CAN tell you from experience with my own blog that the more ways you give people to interact (and the simpler you make them) the more interaction you'll see.


I don't like the idea of Facebook running the entire internet. They're already trying to sneak in through every other niche of our online existence with their "Hey, share it on Facebook" BS.


Facebook has literally doubled traffic to my site.


it's because you are one pretty fella

but I do like your idea