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Random Facts

Tell T-Nation a few random things about yourself. Ill start:

My first name is Paul.
I love horror movies.
Everytime im on a really high building roof ill be scared shitless but for some reason want to jump off.
I spend 4 hours of my work day on T-Nation.
little people scare me.
Driving my car is my favourite pastime.
I make $50000 (aus) yearly

Could ramble off some more but ill pass it over to u guys.

King of Kings

I’m Aaron.

I’m from California, but stay in Mississippi.

Salad makes up a huge portion of my diet and I’m still fat.

I hate Dane Cook on a real level.

People think I’m part Chinese. I’m not.

I love black chicks. I like my chocolate.

I can recite entire lines from movies right off the top of my head. I spit a mean “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.”

I’m fully incapable of watching any T.V. show on a regular basis.

Goin’ all night to me means more than 3 minutes, then Comedy Central for a few hours.

My heros are Mario Van Peebles in “Carlito’s Way.” Him and Carl Weathers in general

Well it sounds like an AA meeting.

I was born in New Mexico, should have been Kansas where my family lives.
I have a girl that I actually respect and give more then two seconds to what matters to her.
I play football and I weight 240 lbs and I will be 260 lbs before August and I will still be one of the lightest decent O linemen.

I do not care what people think anymore, except the occasional comments from my lady (I am still a gentlemen) otherwise, I seem like a mean son of a bitch.

I go to church and I wonder sometimes if God hates me because of my thoughts about myself and what I pray for.

I’m Steve

I’m obsessive about everything I do

Music is my first love

I’m studying linguistics, because I think grammar is fun

I go to chrurch too

I have an incredibly proportionate scalp that I’m told looks really good shaved

I cannot snap my fingers or whistle

I don’t like the Beatles

i spend way too much time online

I didn’t play any sport or do anything physical until after finishing high school and finding this site.

I play guitar, shittily.

I dabbled in crossfit for a while, you know, before I had any specific fitness goals.

I’ve just kicked my online gaming addiction (this stuff is like crack http://rappelz.gpotato.com/).

I’ve got a girlfriend that is totally awesome. Thanks to me she is now addicted to the anal sex.

I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch.

I jerk off a lot.

I’m Naomi, 48 yo, in California.

Happily married 22 years.

Have a 19 yo son and 15 yo daughter. Homeschooled them their entire lives, NOT for religious reasons. Both are now in college so I guess I did an OK job.

Like growing my own veggies. Save a bundle every summer eating my own zuccinis, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Have pet rats and a ball python.

Was once vegan for three years.

Until five years ago, I was a fat, frumpy middle-aged housewife. Now my friends describe me as petite and buff.

Last movie I saw on DVD: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

Last book I read: West with the Night by Beryl Markham.

Love movies, primarily action and sf. If I want something intellectual, I read a book.

Have never had cable tv. Have never seen American Idol.

My name is Mike.

I just watched the first half of The Ringer yesterday. I don’t know why. I’m curious to see how it ends. I really don’t know why.

Symphony X makes up 80-90% of my musical diet.

I love squats but I hate lunges.

I’m off to the SatMA forum.

My name is Doug and I’m 28 years old.

I love deadlifts, face pulls, and long walks on the beach.

I hate Smith Machines (although they’re a good place to hang my blast straps), crunches, and people who don’t tip.

I spend most of my time lurking on the site and not posting because I feel I haven’t achieved enough in the iron game to give advice.

My name is Tariq (pronounced tar-rick, not tah-reek).

I’m originally from Oklahoma, live in Illinois now, working on my masters degree.

HUGE University of Oklahoma sports fan, especially football (BOOMER SOONER!!!)

Graduated from there with a BBA in 2002.

Can name off all 22 starters, height, weight, and hometown from our 2000 National Championship football team, one after another, without having to stop.

I am a Muslim (not a fundamentalist or terrorist, but a simple, practicing Muslim)

I pray 5 times a day

I attend services every Friday (Islam day of rest)

Steak is my favorite food

Gladiator is my favorite movie

Dumb and Dumber is my favorite comedy

College Football and Basketball are my favorite sports

I say ya’ll and fixin all the time, even in the same sentence (ya’ll fixin to go over yonder to the gym?)

I can spin a basketball on my finger for a really long time.

I go everywhere by myself (restaurants, movies, gym, shopping, live by myself, etc.) because I like it.

My dream job is to be the Commissioner of the NBA (Watch out Stern, I’m coming for that #1 spot).

I’m out.

Oh yeah, whenever I jerk off/get laid, I like to blast the Star Wars theme. Unless I’m doing anal. Then it’s the Imperial March.

Some more

I love popping a huge pimple that might be on my shoulder and ir goes all over the mirror :slight_smile:

I always have a pull when the wife leaves the house to do the shopping.

Every girl i have fucked ive attempted to put it in her butt,rejected only 3 times :smiley: Its a shame ive only fucked 4 girls… sigh :frowning:

Im always checking myself out in the mirror to see how i look.

Ive never smoked a joint,taken acid,snorted anything like that.

I once shit my pants after pushing out a fart way tooooo long.This was at school and i had to say i was sick and go home :smiley:

pretty damn cool concept of a thread

im ryan

im young

life is great

i got to much other shit to worry about in this world than to care about what anybody else thinks about me

I believe that “The Dark Side of the Moon” is the single handed most brilliant music making I’ve seen in my lifetime so far

I think that you havn’t lived life until you’ve seen it when your high… might sound ridiculious to most people on here, but I believe there is some truth to that. However, control it or it will control you.

On that note, I’m addicted to trying not to get addicted to anything whether it be drugs, alcohol, chicks, training ext.

I love dinosaur training

I love boxing

Mexican food kicks ass

So do the movies Training Day and Donnie Darko

respect must be earned

Im Thomas

I pretty much hate pressing movements, but I do them anyways

My two most commonly used phrases are “thats gay” and “fuck that”

My two most commonly used phrases often get me in trouble at work

I am a teller

I hate being a teller

I have a really cool girlfriend

I want to live at the beach, but I dont

I am Colin

I’ve never told anyone I was scared of the dark until highschool (even when I was 6’ 210lbs)

I don’t like to dance

I go to church without my family, not to worship God, but because I like it, especially the singing.

I have a sunburn on my feet.

I didn’t use periods in my first two facts.

I can’t decide between playing football at an ok college or going to a prestigious one.

I still play old video games like StarCraft.

I like documentaries as long as they aren’t about weaponry or modern machines/buildings.

I’m the only person in my class who likes the book Ceremony.

My name is given on a need to know basis. And you don’t need to know.

I’m a guitar slinging bitch.

In my high school class, I was voted most likely never to make it to 30. HAHAHAHA!! Fooled them!

I can drink a six pack of beer in 20 minutes. Without throwing up.

I used to date Kevin Nealon, pre SNL days.

I toured with the Ramones in 1979.

My family is considered as “the Osbournes” of our neighborhood. People are too scared to come over and tell us to turn the music down. I’m on a first name basis with every police officer in my town.

I have a six inch scar on my left arm that I got in a bar fight. And no, I didn’t start that one.

I can carry a week’s worth of groceries for five people out of my car and into my house all at once. And that includes the 30 rack of water bottles.

I was the the DJ on the graveyard shift at my University radio station.

I play rugby. On a women’s team. I’m number 4 Lock position.

I can move most of my toes independent of the adjacent digit.

I like my job.

I finally got my driver’s license last year on Valentine’s Day.

My favorite color is blue.

I really, really like video games.

I am a good cook.

I do not go to church.

I have a birthmark on my ankle that looks like a chocolate chip cookie.

Squats are my favorite excercise.

I am mildly dyslexic.

I once had an earring ripped out of my ear. The subsequent tear looked like an open crocodile mouth. Now there is a slight indentation along the outer edge of my lobe that looks like a butt if you look closely.

My left arm is significantly more tan than any other part of my body.

Tariq just reminded me how much I like words with a “q” for the “c” or “k” sound.

I will send Vroom an enormous volume of gloating pm’s tonight when the Ducks spank the Sens! :wink:

I like to paint.

I have the smallest suitcase I can get away with and I refuse to pack anymore crap than will fit in it when I travel.

I am allergic to bandaid adhesive.

Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert.

I don’t have a favorite band.

I hate wearing shoes that encase my whole foot and cannot be easily slipped on and off.

I like things that are shiny, especially when those things are my toenails.


Born in Wisconsin.

Moved 15 miles from the place I was born. At this rate it will take me 9 billion years to see the world.

I’m deathly afraid of snakes and needles.

From about the ages of 5 to 18, my dream job was to be a lawyer.

My girlfriend plays more videogames than any guy I know. And is better at them too. And she is actually quite attractive.

I’m a drummer and a big prog nerd. Rush rules.

My favorite movie of all time is “This is Spinal Tap”.

I have temporary OCD. I become obsessed with a topic for 3 to 9 months than for the most part abandon it. The only thing that has stuck is drumming and some sort of workout activity.

I enjoy classic wetshaving. Using a safety razor, a badger hair brush, and shave soap.

I work at a dance studio.

I for the most part hate everyone.

I could eat only pizza everyday for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.

I like boobs. A lot.

I’ve never smoked pot or experimented with any type of “drug”.

I greatest complement I have ever received was when a female friend of mine said I was the manliest guy she knew and that she wished there were more guys like me.(maybe there is hope)

My 6 year old nephew honestly beat the shit out of me. He kicked me in the balls and when I dropped to my knees he hit me right in the nose causing it to explode with blood.

I know when you are lying.

[quote]subdivision wrote:
I cannot snap my fingers or whistle

On that tip… I personally have the loudest snap of anyone I have ever met, by a large margin.

[quote]tmoney1 wrote:
I can spin a basketball on my finger for a really long time.

I can spin a frisbee on my finger indefinitely, clockwise and counter-clockwise… but the basketball has always eluded me. I’ve gotten better at it, but that means holding it in place for 6 seconds instead of 4…