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Random Cramping...

hey all…

ive not been around, so “hola!” to all those i virtually-know.

my cycle is at its end, and ive been experiencing for some time now random cramping in various muscles. facial, hams, feet, etc…

i find sometimes that when i scrunch my face, it actually sticks. kinda funny, but also somewhat scary for a moment or two.

anyway have any feedback on that?


lack of hydration gives me calf cramps. its almost gauranteed if I haven’t drinken my water and am going to run or swim i’m going to be having problems. don’t know if the cycle may up your bodies need for water, but that’s always been my cramping experience. maybe that’ll help some.

its not water related…or at least, not due to lack of hydration on my part.

only started when on the stuff

having same issues with cramping when I make certain movements
Could the creatine be causing electrolyte imbalance due to it pulling fluid from vascular system to muscle…or is it just the shiooottt

ive had it where i would smile and my neck would be stuck and my cheeks would not move.

WTF!!! I’m really beggining to wonder about that batch of gear you got…did you get any bloodwork done/plan on it. I would if I had any health insurance, being in college can suck like that. Just something to consider.

ive gotten checked out by a doctor the only thing wrong with me was the usual liver enzymes a little elevated and cholesterol.

Well that’s good to hear…pankie?

yeah, the facial and neck cramping sound very similiar.

im 3.5 weeks out from any anabolics. ive been taking Nolva and Clomid for almost 2 weeks.

ive noticed to differences as of yet - strength and/or size. my weight has been shifting…the next couple weeks will show if its diet or drug related.

i pulled, or tore something in my hip on my last thursday/Leg day…

thats the latest


Did you use winny? You did didn’t you???

yeah i closed out my cycle with most of a bottle of win. ive still got another left. some cyp test (if its real who knows - ive read/seen pics of the same shit and its been labeled fake)

anyway… yeah

ive decided to lean out. ive gain a lot on my legs, but most of that i attribute to my workout re-org.

im thinking of getting a week or so into my lean out, then mixing in some win… depending on the lean loss.