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Random Abdominal Spasm-Hernia?

Every once in a while I get this weird spasm in my lower abdomen, on the right side about mid-way between my navel and pubic bone when working out, almost always from doing various sorts of crunches. Sometimes it happens a couple times in a week, other times it comes months apart.

It it not painful, and there is no visible or tactile bulge. Is it possible that this could be some weird sign of a potential hernia, or is it just some random spasm in a funky muscle that I can ignore?

If its a hernia it will most likely hurt. I’ve never had a hernia but somebody from my last baseball team had a small hernia and he said it felt like a sharp pain during some movements. If it is to a point where it is bothering you then go see a doctor.


I have a hernia, a big one. I have had it for 2 years i think… don’t feel a thing

Doesnt sound like one to me tho bro


Not necessarily. There are different kinds of hernias, and they can occur in different locations.

To the OP:
I agree with Gerdy that you should see a doctor if it starts happening more often, or starts bothering you.

The location you say you feel it indicates that it should be an inguinal hernia (if it exists). However, if that was the case, I think that you would feel it more on deadlifts and squats rather than crunches.