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Randizo's New Cycle


Weeks 1-12 Test E - 400/wk (2 X 200)
Weeks 1-12 Tren Ace - 240/wk (3 X 80)
Adex on hand / Nolva and Test taper for PCT

Question is, should I start Tren at week 3? Or leave it as planned?
I am looking for both size and strength out of this cycle.
It's going to be fun, putting down 6000-7000 calories a day.
6'4" tall, approx 218 lbs lean, and trying to reach my one day goal of a lean 235lbs.

Thanks in advance!


maybe add 3 weeks of prop at the beginning?


I'd leave it as planned, but I've never run Tren before. I think Dave has a good idea with using the quicker prop at the beginning with the tren.


Wouldn't one want to have caber on hand when running Tren?


not a bad idea


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I suggest that you do more frequent injections of your tren ace. EOD at the very least, ED would be what most suggest.

I feel you on the 6000-7000 calories a day on a bulk. I have to eat the same way to gain mass. The only problem I might see is that tren kills my appetite. I couldn't get past the 6000 calorie mark during my last bulking cycle because I thought I was going to puke all the time. For this reason alone I will not run tren during any future bulking cycles. Maybe it will not effect you the same and 240mg/week is not a high dose so you may be fine.

Having caber or bromo on hand wouldn't be a horrible idea in case the tren flares up some gyno.

Good luck


so maybe im as cool as u.....maybe?


Im also fairly sure that altered mentioned to pin the tren ED rather than the 3x/wk that you have planned. Tren sides are just that much more noticeable if its not pinned often enough. Either that or switch to tren enathate instead.

Definately get some caber prior to that. I would also run your test E a couple weeks past the tren even if incorporating a taper.


Tren ED for 12 weeks?

I LIKE injecting, but not that much! lol!


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Hey randizo! glad to see you back.

I think tren would be a kickass kickstart but would prob throw in a bit of test prop as well.

Running Tren Enth may be a better way to go because you can inject it on the same schedule but you never know how you are gonna react to it so Ace may be better for the maiden voyage.

I found the tren sides to be pretty intolerable after 3 weeks...now for me it was because of the fact that it was killing my cardio and i play rugby but there are lots of other isses that can pop up...sweating, insomnia, irritability, appetite loss, prolactin sides, etc so being able to pull the plug on it quick is a good idea for the first run with it.

If it were me I would run something like this:

W 1-12 Test Enth 250mg 2x/w
W 1-2 Test Prop 50mg ED
W 1-x Tren Ace 40mg ED
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD or ED
Caber on hand

If the tren sides get to be too much pull the plug, give it a few weeks and then add it back in for a few more later in the cycle. Personally 2 weeks at a time is plenty for me with tren...trust me you will see results from it in that short a time span.

Good luck with number 2


Question. What is the benefit of running a second test, test prop,
for two weeks in the beginning of the cycle? Jump start?





I have a question for all...

every time I see a suggestion for caber it is always to have it on hand instead of advising somebody to run it like adex is usually recommended to be ran .vs. just to have "on hand"

I was wondering why people wouldn't want to use caber right out of the gate? Also how long can caber be ran? Could randizo for this instance or anybody run caber the entire 6 weeks he's on tren, during pct, etc? Is there a certain amount of time that you would run caber that you wouldn't dare go over?

just a few questions regaurding that drug in the instance of adding it to a cycle with 19-nors...



Yeah 12 weeks of tren just get enanthate. Ace is not optimal as a 3 times a weeker; IMO its not optimal as anything other than ED


not furious but I can answer.
the test prop is a shorter ester,so it will "kick in" within a mater of days,where the test enth takes a couple weeks to start.
taking prop in the first 2-3 weeks along with the ent will kick start the test.
also the tren ace is a short ester also and having prop in there will make sure he has test in his system along with the tren at all times.
dont know if I explained that right


I suspect it is because many dont know HOW to use it! i really think this is it, because i will certainly be running caber throughout any deca cycles i do... it is a NECESSITY IMO to be run alongside 19-nors.. as prolactin is such a problematic hormone in many.. myself included.

I will be running 0.5mg 2x/wk



good point...so could one possibly run caber for severl months at a time or year round if they wanted to? Because if I were to run caber alongside any 19-nors I would also choose to run it a few weeks after the 19-nors or as part of pct, just to be safe. So say 10 weeks of deca/caber for example followed by a pre/post weeks of caber you could possibly be on the drug for 3-4 months at a time. Is that cool? lol



I would not like to say as a recommendation Gerds.. however, i have not read anything to suggest this being a problem.

The prolactin dose is 0.5mg/wk all the way up to as much as 4mg/wk.. although i believe side effects are very frequent in those who take such a dose (this dose is leaning towards the parkinsons treatment dosing IIRC).

0.5-1mg seems to be the current dosing habit for bodybuilders looking for prolactin and sexuality-pro effects.

I personally intend to use it throughout a deca cycle at a dose of 0.5-1mg a week, and will do for the whole cycle and a few weeks post cycle.. depending on how it works out at the time.

Please let me remind you i am not experienced personally with this, and these are just my own intentions - so for that reason i really couldnt recommend anyone else do the same safely.

as always: JMO.