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Rand Paul's Ridiculous Publicity Stunt


I guess everyone's heard about Randy boy's TSA nightmare. Apparently after triggering an alarm and refusing a pat-down he was refused entry to a secure area. Now I'm only a young guy but I seem to remember back in the day conservatives opposed this stuff but advocated 'profiling.' What happened to that idea? That would still leave plenty of room for publicity stunts by CAIR and the ACLU and such. Am I so out of touch?


The TSA is not about keeping air travelers safe; tt is about making people obey authority.

If the TSA were about safety a 16 year old boy would not have been able to sneak into the wheel well of an airplane and fall to his death and possibly endanger the lives of the other passengers.

If the TSA were about safety a hand gun would not have made it past the security check point and onto a plane.

If the TSA were about safety they would not steal the property of air travelers.

If the TSA were about safety they would not confiscate cupcakes and feel up grandmothers and infants.

Come to think of it the TSA has no reason to keep anyone safe. Their job rests only on the perception that air travelers can never be safe when they fly. They have every incentive to make it less safe for travelers.


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Yeah I've heard a bit about it. Mostly agree however it was set up by Bush out of necessity - didn't need to grow into what it has become though.

What if I were to say that you shouldn't be subjected to any of it if you're not a Muslim and don't have any connections to Islam or the Islamic community? Is that crazy enough for you LIFTI? How 'bout that one?


TSA sucks


I can get crazier. What if we let airlines be responsible for their own passengers?


I could get into that but it's not really the point. Why did the TSA come about to begin with? Why did conservatives give up the fight for profiling?


Exactly. And now with an annual budget of +8 billion. The difference is I hold Islamic fundamentalists responsible as well as the federal government. Not necessarily saying that Islamic fundamentalists are worse than the federal government or anything though...


Stop being reasonable.


I understand you dislike libertarians, and constitutional freedom, but this "publicity stunt" was smart on his part considering he was en route to a voting session. HE now has legal grounds to bring the TSA before congress and the SCOTU. Possibly challenging the consitutionality of their existance and getting them disbanded.


It's been awhile since I've looked at it, but I always thought the push for "only profiling" was a loser. I can agree with "profiling" when it is in regards to behaviors/individuals/certain passports/etc. But I had always thought of that "in addition to" the random searches. Without random searchers, what is to stop AQ from simply using an old lady or a disabled little boy who "look" white? AQ has been changing their appearance (cutting their beards, dressing western) when they go on missions since the 90s. They are a worldwide organization with people who "look" like anyone.

I've got a horrible headache, so maybe that didn't come out so well.



Sure it was smart. Played well for daddy too.


I've heard some of those arguments in the past. AQ has never used a western convert for an attack on the west. They don't have enough Western converts to stage attacks in the West. And profiling uses more than just appearance to make determinations about people. I know profiling is not going to solve everything but I would see it as a moral victory and a step in the right direction. Don't believe it will happen though.


The Transit Security Administration stole from your personal luggage?


I didn't even know that was possible.


I have items taken from me in front of my own eyes because they were larger than "3 oz.".


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They will not even allow you to dump the contents to equal 3 oz


Also, how much are you willing to bet?

I agree with "smart" profiling. I just think random searches are necessary. Of course, I'm no security expert and I haven't looked at the arguments in awhile. So maybe I'm wrong.


True. I was forgetting Reid was of Jamaican descent. But he could have been profiled because he had converted to Islam/had connections to extremists. AQ's Western converts are few and far between and the few they have had have been prized as propaganda tools not used as attackers. And I agree there are many difficulties with profiling.


Airlines should provide their own security, the government should play no role in this.