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Rand Paul Tackled By Neighbor. 6 Broken Ribs

Wtf? Dispute over “lawn waste” gone bad. I guess it’s Kentucky. When I saw 6 ribs broken in the headline I thought he must have been hit with a rake or something. Was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t over politics.

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Rand seemed to be playing it down, from what I’ve read (I didn’t read the article you posted, but I’ve read a couple on the incident).

I also heard 5 ribs, not to say 6 is better or worse. 1 rib is a bitch - Dude must’ve form tackled Paul like James Harrison or some shit


I was impressed that Rand Paul actually mows his own lawn.

I’m guessing Paul has been using a leaf blower to blow all his leaves over the property line, and that guy just wasn’t going to take it anymore.


What is the libertarian stance on leaf blowers?


I can’t help but see some irony in Rand Paul ending up with broken ribs from a dispute over property lines and lawn waste…


Speaking for myself here. You could see it as akin to second hand smoke. If exposing your neighbor to loud noise is giving her tinnitus, then you’re causing harm. Rothbard thought that pollution was a violation of the Non Aggression Principle.

I should probably add. Nearly everything we do has some potential to harm innocent persons.

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You can have my leaf blower when you pry it from my, uh, cold leafy hands!


This is why we dont need immigration reform. If he had a decent landscaper hed be fine


Whatever it was over the dude had a lot of rage. The force it takes to break 5-6 ribs? Not cracked, broken! Damn, that kind of rage is usually very personal.


Its all fake news… He got busted bangin his wife… Of course he has landscaper…aint nobody breakin ribs over leaves… Cmon yall stay woke


Lol it’s Kentucky… notice how much that guy looks similar? They’re all cousins. Relative humidity.


Agnostic, primarily.


The neighbour is described as a “retired physician”. Who can smash five of your ribs in. Dat TRT :1st_place_medal:


And if he had a scumbag MS-13 landscaper, he’d have lit this neighbor up like a BBQ on the 4th of July. Either way, win win for Rand.


Physicians are just all-around badasses.


“very regrettable dispute” didn’t have anything to do with politics. Boucher is a registered Democrat.

Gotta throw that last part in there tho… Muh narrative.

“It was a very regrettable dispute between two neighbors over a matter that most people would regard as trivial.

I feel like this statement isn’t going to help your client’s case Mr Baker.

“Yeah, the vast majority of people on the planet would be mildly irritated by the “cause” of this situation, but my client is so special he had to break ribs to get his point across”

and that these two gentlemen can get back to being neighbors as quickly as possible

As long as “soon as possible” means AFTER dude does a bid, sure.

Nothing about this story makes me believe it wasn’t politics based, nothing.

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It would look rather small if Paul came out and said “my Democrat neighbor assaulted me! Whaah, whaah!”

Especially after we’ve got Rep congressmen being shot just a few months ago. Trump voters dying all over the place and legislators getting assaulted… “Resist!” Kidding of course. Just crazy times.

Agreed, but…

I always get so angry I tackle my neighbors and break their ribs.

My most immediate neighbor is a straight loon. Love the guy, but he’s nuts (harmlessly cool type of nuts) and we have very unclearly marked boundary lines. I’m on 9 acres so his dog and goat fences don’t bother me, but I’m 99% sure one is on my property. Dude also loves to shoot fireworks at stupid times on random days…

His rabbit likes to escape and hang out in front of my garage so I walk around the corner and load my pants because in the dark at first it looks like a skunk, and runs for me. (This damn thing loves me and my house for some reason.)

Would it not be reasonable to tackle him and break his ribs?


Better yet pay this boucher guy to do it for you. He’s obviously effective.

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lmao. I think my neighbor is a marine.

He seems a textbook case of someone that is without question the most mild mannered person on the outside, very friendly and calm, but can totally flip a switch and put you in a grave with his bare hands if need be.

He’d whoop this dudes ass broken ribs or not, and I’d enjoy every second of the show.