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Rancid EFA's

I have read that oils containing omega 3 faty acids can go rancid, in which case supplementing with them would be counterproductive. My question is are capsules not a good option because they go rancid? How do you know if your fish oil and flaxseed oil capsules are going rancid?

The only way to tell if oil in capsules is rancid or has gone bad is to bite into one and see how it tastes and smells. If it’s bad, you’ll know. That’s why I prefer to supplement with oils from a bottle if possible…because you can taste the oil and definately tell if it starts to taste “off” and starting to spoil.

I work in a nutrition store, and to keep EFAs especially flax, and the like from going rancid is to keep in a cool dark place (opaque bottle) and to buy one with vit. E or to add Vit. E to it.