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Ran Out of Surge, Need Temp Replacement

i ran out of Surge today and i will order some more tomorrow. i will still be working out but what should i take post workout as an equivalent? i dont wanna pay extra to get it here faster it should get here in 3 days.

regular whey with gatorade or chocolate milk.

wow are you serious? would that really be the same thing?

It is really protein+ simple carbs. Not sophisticated like Surge but you aren’t going to be missing out on any growth because you used whey concentrate and not hydro whey for 3 days.

what sugars are in Surge?would it help to add some more?

My Poor-Man’s Surge recipe:


500 mL water
2 scoops whey (vanilla if possible)
2 scoops orange gatorade
2 scoops BCAAs (10g)
10g creatine

Mix it all together, chug it down in about 10 seconds. Tastes… different.

Find organic raw milk - Whole Foods will have it for sure, Trader Joe’s, maybe - and mix in the desired amount of chocolate powder (the cheap stuff, since you want the carbs) …or 100% unprocessed stuff (1-2 tbsp) and a 1-2 tbsp honey.

Drink 16 oz of this at the half hour PWO mark and another 16 oz of the same mix 30-45 min later. Maybe drop the honey if you don’t think you need the extra carbs.

[quote]talon2nr7588 wrote:
what sugars are in Surge?would it help to add some more?[/quote]

D-glucose, maltodextrin

Depends how big you are… I think most should get more than 50 grams PWO but it’s a good starting point.

i also ran out of whey and i only have 100% casein from ON. i guess that would be better than nothing right?

2 scoops Metabolic Drive in some chocolate milk is my current PWO drink.