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Ran Out of HCG. How Bad is Skipping Several Shots?

Hey guys,

This situation is stupid as hell and could have been avoided, but yea… it is what it is. Bring the hate if you feel like it.

I finished 12 weeks of Test E, and started HCG every other day, since week 8.

I’m on vacation now, and my HCG bottle broke, so i’m literally without access to it unless leaving the vacation. How bad would it be to discontinue the HCG for a small amount of time? We’re talking 4 days without an injection, where i would usually only go 1 day without one.

It won’t be an issue at all. I assume you’re going to start a PCT soon? Nolva?

Thanks for the reply. So i simply continue the regular use of HCG when im home from vacation? Yea, i was planning to start nolva 10 days after ending cycle

Considering you were running Test E I would suggest waiting a full two weeks before starting your PCT. I personally don’t think you need the HCG at all but understand that some folks like to use it. Just jump back on it once you’re home if you want.