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Ran Into a Problem, Last Vial Broke

i just finished my 8th week of test-e and did my first pin of week 9. my last vial broke on me (yikes!). soonest i can get a new vial is POSSIBLY saturday but most likely next week monday-wednesday. i’ll miss 1-2 pins and i’m so close to the end, should i just stop right now?

this is my first cycle

the E ester will still be in your system if it takes a week to get a new vial. Hell I only pin once a week any ways. Every 3 days gets on my nerves so I just load up every Monday. You will be fine.

if i do decide to stop right now (travelling overseas in 1.5 months and i don’t know if i wanna bring my pct shit because of customs) would it be alright, i was planning to do 10-12 weeks so im a 1-1.5 weeks short.

You’ll be fine its just little less possible gains. Pros and Cons.

well my other vial has enough for 400-500mg one more pin so i think i’ll do that to finish up week 9 and take a couple weeks off and get on my pct, that way after my 2month vacation and .5-1month off before i leave i’ll be almost ready to cycle again as long as my labs are good heuheuheuehuh k thanks.