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Ramping to Max, Then 10 Singles


I recall reading somewhere about a style of deadlift training where someone described doing increasingly heavier sets of say 10,5,3,3,1,1,1,1 (or so) and then banging out 10 singles with approx 90% of 1RM.

I was wondering what style of training this is so I can read about it. It sounded exactly like my current DL scheme except I stopped after my first heaviest single. I tried doing it fully with the 10 singles two days ago and wow....it's a good reminder what muscles the DL works because my whole posterior chain is sore.

It got me thinking about what other movements I could (should?) try this on. Only big compound stuff? Assistance work that I could use a boost on? I think I could only handle doing this with one movement at a time anyway but would love to hear what people think.



I don't recall hearing of anybody huge or super strong doing this regularly....


wow, that is a lot of deadlifting! what i found that works for me is 5's and 3's, and deficits(where you stand on plates) One summer a few years ago, i did almost no deads due to strongman training - a lot of stones and tire flipping and farmers walking and my deadlift max actually went up. do what works for you because the deadlift is such a cns taxing exercise.


My 5/3/1 rep scheme looks like that if you include warmups and do a couple singles...


Doing 10 single with 90% in a big lift like the DL would bury most people who are beyond a novice level of strength. I'm sure there may be some exceptions, but this would be a bad idea for the vast majority of lifters I've ever come across.


I'm with h4m about not hearing of anyone using that scheme regularly but, you will only know if it works for you if you try it.


based on the amount of elbow pain I have I'm thinking it's not a good idea even though I do consider myself a novice strength level. I've progressed nicely ramping up to a 1-2RM each week there's no need for the extra sets since I haven't stalled and continue to add weight each week