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Ramping - Sets of 10lbs. or 20lbs.


@ CT:

I think it was back in HP Mass days you mentioned when ramping if the max weight was over 200 lbs. use 20 lb. increases and if under use 10 lbs. still good for Layers when ramping to 1, 2, and 3 max reps?


Easy rule, when ramping regardless of the number of target reps (1,2 or 3RM) the ramp should last between 8-12 sets from the first loaded set which you start at 50-60%.

So you basically have 8-12 sets to go from 50-60% to 90-100% (depending of if you are using a 1, 2 or 3RM).

Just go with some logic...

If your best on a lift is 165lbs then you must cover about 80lbs in 8-12 sets... can you do 20lbs jumps? No!.. Jumps of 10 at the start then finishing with jumps of 5 would be better.

If your best on a lift is 225lbs then you must cover about 110lbs in 8-12 sets. Jumps of 10lbs will get you there in 11 sets, so that's fine

If your best on a lift is 350lbs then you must cover roughly 170-180lbs in 8-12 sets... jumps of 20lbs should get you there in about 8 or 9 sets, so you can start out at 20lbs and even switch to 10lbs jumps at the end of the ramp.

If your best on a lift is 500lbs you must cover 250lbs in 8-12 sets so jumps of 20lbs might not even be enough, you might want to go with 30lbs jumps which will get you there in 8 sets... or start out at 30 and switch to 20 at the end of the ramp.


Yeah that's what I've been doing around 8 to 10 ramping sets from 40 to 50% for everything.


Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread, but how many sets is optimal when ramping to a 6RM?

I also use around 10 sets to ramp to 1,2 or 3RM, but use far fewer for 6RM due to the fatigue it causes and because the weight is much less so it doesn't take as long.

Normally I take around 5 sets or so. Just wondering what otehrs and CT consider optimal when ramping to 6RM...

Many thanks in advance.




You want roughly 24-30 reps when ramping to a 6RM... so 4-5 sets, plus , maybe one feel set with lighter weight... sets of 6 do not require nearly as much neural activation than sets of 1-3


Ok great,thanks very much for your response CT. As always it's greatly appreciated!


Just wondering the reasoning behind this. Why the 8-12 set range and not more or less?

I'm guessing that less sets won't potentiate the nervous system enough, and too many sets will lead to too much fatigue... is 8-12 just what you've found is a good balance or is there more to it than that?


I personally have found that 5-8 sets work best for me. When I was doing more, it was taking too much out of me. Then again I do a lot of other "warmups" that start getting me activated. So, maybe that's a difference

hold that thought.
i have some different ideas on this.
will post separately