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Ramping/Pyramiding... Again


I'm sure this was probably answered already, and I apologoze for the redundant thread but I couldn't find the answer to this particular question:

Which looks like a better strategy for ramping/pyramiding:

3 x 8-12 on exercise




or does is there no real difference between the two?


Find whatever works best for you dude. I'm more of the first way, but I just kind of do whatever feels good when warming up.

In the time it took to think about making this thread you could have already found the answer in just a few training sessions.


20x5, 40x3, 60x1, 80x1, 100x1, 120x1, 90x8, 80x8, 70x8


twiceborn, you're not supposed to give away the secret ramping formula! WTF!


See, and I'm not debating this, but I personally wouldn't generally go about it that way.

That's the great thing about ramping, everyone's got their one style.

I'd probably do something like, (assuming 315 lbs on a bench is the work weight,)

Bar x 10 just to get loosened up, with some rotator cuff stuff, etc.
95 x 12-15
135 x 12
185 x 6-8
225 x 5
275 x 2-4
315 x whatever

or, if I felt like I didn't need so much warm-up, maybe something like...

Bar x 10
95 x 15
155 x 10
235 x 6
285 x 3

or something like that. Still basic formulas.

But then, like twiceborn here, I know guys who a lot of doubles and singles when working up. It's all preference, imo.


This way of ramping is very much in line with how I do it as well.


i dont think it matters too too much either way. when im taking a high volume approach i tend to do 4x8

total pounds lifted - 2320

or whatever. when i do low volume and low rep work i tend to do it the other way. so using the same numbers, i might do
90x as many as possible (maybe 4ish)
total pounds lifted 1505

so although i ramp up to a higher weight, im not lifting as many total pounds on the second method. i tend to use this one when im doing something with a higher frequency and lower volume.



I realized I make better gains when using straight sets for most of my exercises...i still ramp on my first exercise(i do 3 working sets though)...and the rest of the exercises are mainly straight setted(altho i may do some ramped sets here and there)...

maybe i just have different genetics than most of you, but I feel i need at least 9 working set per body part to fully stimulate growth...

i got minimal growth out of 3-4 top sets despite big increases in strength....whereas I'm make substantially more physique progress doing 9-12 working sets per body part...