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Ramping Progression


So, decided to give ramping a try (using the method from TC's article a few years ago), and was just wondering from people who have or do use it, how do you increase the weights week to week? Say you max on one exercise from week one was 100 pounds, do you just shift all numbers up say ten pounds next week? Or is there a more technical way of doing it? I'm sure several people here have used several methods, so just wondering what different people have done.


You can use the same weights and get higher reps (although dont go mad with 30 odd reps lol), or yes you can bump up the working weights 5-10lbs :slight_smile:

There are many different ways. I like to hit a top weight and pyramid down instead atm but each to their own!


its simple. do whatever you need to do to progress. some people increase all of their sets by 5 pounds and then fail to make progress on their top set because of the extra fatigue. personally, i dont increase the warm up sets until my progress slows on my top set (within reason of course). im not saying go from benching 225 to 315 without doing more warm up sets, im just saying focus on increasing your top set every week and use common sense when it comes to the sets leading up to it.


I try to keep increments based on a percentage of my top weight. So for instance if I'm ramping in 10lb increments to 100lbs, I'll stick with adding 5/10lbs each week/month or whatever to all sets and when my top set reaches 150 then I'll switch to 15lb increments. Make sense?