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Ramping (Beating a Dead Horse, I Know)


The more articles I read the more confusing it gets. Ive lifted for over 10 years now, and ive always followed straight sets on everything but compound lifts, I remember for a brief time, lifting w a BB and him showing me ramping, i understand the idea on major lifts, but say on a bicep routine I get lost.

From what I have always understood the bi's need to be trained a little different (meaning higher volume). My goal is to get my bi's to grow along with my tri's, my tri's take a good beating on my compound lifts so I dont hit them with as many exercises or sets as I do on the bi's.

Example, last night i started with alt curls, after i warmed up i perform 3 straight set with 10 reps with 60lbs and then moved on to DB hammer curls for the same 3x10. The way i understand it, i should have started say with 20's for 10's 40 for 10 and then 60 for 10's, then moved on to the next exercise.

To me the straight sets were more intense than say if i'd had ramped.. To me it seems if i did 9 sets that only the last set of each exercise would be the money lift.

Will someone give me a little insight on why Im so damn dumb I don't get this simple but effective ramping routine on bi's?
Don't flame too bad, ive read every article on ramping on here and its never broke down to why..


Are you growing at a good rate without developing any nagging injuries or constantly hitting plateaus? If so, carry on and stop thinking so much. What does the warm-up before 3x10 with 60's look like?