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Ramping and/or Hitching Check


First video is 485 lbs., second video is 515 lbs. Both have slight ramping, 515 lbs much more obvious. Would any of you with experience assume or judge this lift as legal in an APF or IPF powerlifting meet? **Please make your call as if I didn’t drop the bar after the 515 lb. lift, I’m aware of that, just want to know if the pull would get white lights.

https://youtu.be/tCbQmEyJ5iU - 485 lbs

https://youtu.be/2atEpbmcChQ - 515


I’m not gonna speak on the IPF because lifts get redlighted there based on politics as well as actual performance. But in general, I’d say the 485 was fast enough you won’t get much flak for that. The 515 though would be iffy since it’s pretty slow and there’s a clear rebending of your knees. I’d say it’s not exactly catastrophic but definitely something worth putting some attention towards fixing.


That 515 looks like it would be called for ramping to me


The 515 is borderline. You definitely don’t hitch, but it looks like you kind of push if off your thighs. Possibly focusing on driving your hips through at that point would help remedy that.