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Ramped Up Warm Up for Each Exercise?


Kingbeef 5 Day 1x a Week

So, I am planning on starting the original routine, but...
do you need to do the ramped up warm up with every exercise? seems like that would take awhile, but i would be willing to do it.



Just looking at it, if I had to guess what he was after, I'd say you probably ramp/warm-up the not-to-failure sets for each exercise. So...

Two ramping/warm-up sets and then two work sets for incline db, two ramping/warm-ups and then one work set for flat bench, one warm-up and two work sets for decline.

But try to learn your body and adjust your warm-ups accordingly. Most people don't need to warm-up multiple exercises for the same bodypart (outside of maybe a "feeler set" or two to determine the working weight), but you might if you've got issues that warrant it (bad elbows, for example).



You don't really need extensive warm up sets for every exercise. As you progress through your workout (on a body part split) you won't need 2-3 sets to get "warmed up" since you've already been hitting chest/back/shoulders/whatever. You're already warm so one set or so to adjust to the new movement is good and then you're right back at it.