Rampage v. Keith Jardine WTF? UFC 96

Uh what the fuck

Thats not on tonights card…Is it???
I need to go check the website again.

FUCK!!! Didnt realize that this was taking place in England…if you dont want to spoil everything dont go to the UFC.com website…they already have the results posted.

Career suicide for Jardine if you ask me. He’s gonna be another knock out standing between Page and his title. A prime ready Page is the best 205 has to offer.

I amd trying to figure out the point of this match-up. Rampage must not be getting the first shot at Evens. Probably good news for Machida/Silva winner

Jardine though why Jardine beating Vera means you get Rampage? If Jardine pull off a win will he even fight Evans?

Rampage said he wasnt ready for a title shot yet so this is just another tune up for him. Machida/Silva will be very interesting, It will either be a knockdown drag out or a snooze fest with Machida staying away picking his shots. But you cant deny him a shot just because he’s not the most exciting fighter ever. He’s beat everybody they put in front of him. Rampage is the best bet to take Evans title away. And if the same Rampage shows up that knocked out Wandy he’ll probably hold the belt for a while.

Who should rampage fight instead? Silva and Machida are locked up, Rampage doesn’t want Evans this fight, who would you rather see him fight?

According to Dana, Rampage later recanted and said he did indeed want a title fight. He never said he “wasn’t ready” for a title fight. He just said his preferred first order of business was to get vengeance for his loss to Forrest, so he wanted that fight before anything else. But since it doesn’t look like that’s likely to happen soon, I see no reason for him not to take on Rashad right away. Him fighting Jardine makes NO sense.

The hell with Rampage vs. Jardine…I’m more excited about Gonzaga vs. Carwin being on for UFC 96.

wouldn’t count out Jardine…
I dont really like him

he has the better camp and strategist
and his awkward striking is enough
to give some people lots of problems.

and his low kicks are quite good
Rampage is not the best at checking kicks.
he could build a decent game plan with that
If he is focused Rampage will do it.

The UFC dont seem to like Jardine lol…

There using him as a stepping stone bcoz Mr White has already stated that Jardine wont get a title shot with a victory.

Personally, I think Machida deserves the shot…

[quote]MMA101 wrote:

Personally, I think Machida deserves the shot…[/quote]

Truth. The Dragon deserves a chance ahead of anyone else. I feel he is the number one contender for LHW after making quick work of Thiago.

[quote]tmoney1 wrote:
MMA101 wrote:

Personally, I think Machida deserves the shot…

Truth. The Dragon deserves a chance ahead of anyone else. I feel he is the number one contender for LHW after making quick work of Thiago.[/quote]

I have to eat a little crow on Machida. I keep thinking he is going to lose and I am continually wrong. The guy looked really good. I can’t wait to see him against the upper tier. Machida .vs Griffen would be a good fight. I think he would fair pretty well again Evans. I do think rampage would be difficult for him.

The UFC has to be hoping Rampage beats Jardine, Evans beats Rampage, and they get to put on a fight between two fighters undefeated in the octagon.

I think the next fight would be problematic. They probably won’t have Machida and Griffen fight. Both probably get an an easier fight. They’ll probalby want Griffen back in the mix incase Evans loses. Then he would be after Machida. Either that or they have to hope Shogun gets his shit together.

Machida is deceptively good. I thinks he lures people in like a snake then he strikes. Him vs Evans would be interesting. I was just surprised that Shogun had Coleman out on his feet from exhaustion and couldn’t finish him. Either Rampage or Forrest will be Champ again soon. I don’t think Evans will hold the strap very long. But I too have had to eat crow lately.