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Rampage Training


Just watched the latest promo video for Rampage vs Jones (its on the website). Noticed 'page doing concentric only deadlifts... looked like about 400lbs but hard to tell... could anyone else tell how much it was?

Overall thoughts on his training (as portrayed in the episode) in general?


post the video here, please.


here is the full video. its quite repetitive.
The dead-lift i referred to is right at the beginning of the video.


Yeah I saw parts of this the other day. Rampage is doing all this training and they said he gained about 8 something percent of muscle mass while keeping his weight the same. If he's about 220-230, that's going to be about 20 pounds of muscle gained, and I'm guessing about 20 pounds of fat lost. That's impressive.

Still think Jones is going to destroy him, while Rampage will have puncher's chance. Should be a good fight.



one day left, i'm anxious as fuck.


Yea i'm cheering for rampage too, and think he has a pretty good (punchers) chance, but if i was a betting man my money would be on jones, just cause of how rampage has looked lately. He's looked ok but not great in the ring.


Waste of time, waste of energy and teaching his body how to be an energy burning tight ball of restriction. 400 pounds should be warm up material for concentric only deads. He is so tense he was grunting and groaning through something that should be a piece of piss. Jones will rape him


Even if it's 400, he's training for a fight. It didn't look that difficult for him. He could have done more. But at the same time he's likely training 4-8 hours a day. He's not going to be 100% when deadlifting and who knows what he did immediately before that deadlift.


i agree he seemed to lift it quite easily and explosively. but who knows... I mean its a promo vid, the camera guy was probably just like "lift something heavy for the camera".


Pretty sure that was only 205. Those plates are the black training bumpers, and it looked like a 45, 25, and 10 a side. Either way, who cares? I want Rampage to win but I'm not sure he can. He used to get by pretty much on raw ability, but he's getting older and the game is evolving. I think Jones wants it more.


Yeah just wait. In 10 to 20 years, we'll have guys that have been training striking and grappling since they were teens or younger and the skill level will likely be a lot higher than it is today.

But guys like Jones and Rory MacDonald are the future.

Hell if GSP is still around for 2-3 more years and faces Rory, I bet Rory beats him or dethrones him as long as no one else wins first. Calling it early.


cool thats what i was wondering, cause i've never seen those style of plates before. Hmm 205 doesn't seem like much!


It looked like a warmup to me. I'm sure he can put much more than 180kg.


Could've been 25, 45, 100. So would've been 385. Looks about right for a guy his size. Plus, not that I know bumper plates, but I've never seen a 25 that thick before.


Thanks for posting the video, it was interesting.

But the real point is Jones will DESTROY this guy. The skill set between the two fighters are worlds apart. Rampage's punches at this point in his career remind me of Frankestein punching someone. Jones will make him look silly, but then you all know this right? RIGHT? The real question is this, will Rampage go the distance, I say he won't make it.


The rubber bumpers are considerably thicker. I'm almost positive that that's 205.


Love me some Rampage but Bones Jones to win tonight.

Hughes to lose.
Browne, Mizugaki and Rothwell to win.


Holy shit! ZEB is back. Where have you been?



Jones is going to make Rampage look bad.

I cannot believe Hughes is fighting.


Robert A


Definitely 205, I've never seen bumper plates be any thinner than that anyways. I'm hoping Rampage will pick up the win, I don't know what is it that makes me dislike Bones but I just don't like him. Guess its his weird unconventional stand up and the massive hype train behind him. The LHW title has changed owners on pretty consistent basis never the less, and Bones has never really been in any bad spots. He leaves himself open from time to time with his crazy techniques, its just a matter of if Rampage will catch him what happens. I have no fucking idea but I'd be more than glad to find out in a few hours. I'm also hoping Hughes will win, never really liked Kos either. Hughes is all washed up and over the hill, but so was Tito, and at least he has the fact that Kos only had like 3 weeks to make the cut, that's got to show. I'd also love to see Gomi hammer Diaz's skull with a crushing left hook, but for some reason I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed a lot watching this card :frowning: .