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Rampage Pulls Out, does A-Team Instead



what a dipshit.


Sometimes I pull out and go for the a-team instead.


nice....i'm sure the UFC is really happy they got him as a coach again, just for him to ditch the fight.

hopefully he gets some serious money from the movie......


Wow. I wonder if Rampage realizes he's probably screwed himself out of a title shot for some time because of this. I'm really surprised he made this move, considering all of the bad blood between him and Rashad. I thought he would have wanted to shut Rashad up, but apparently not.

Also, does he honestly think he'll be able to really make a go of it in Hollywood? Sure, he'll get some parts here and there because of his physique, fighting skills, and because he was in the UFC, but I sincerely doubt he'd do any better or make any more money than he would in the UFC.

This really made me lose a good deal of respect for Rampage.


Well, at least we'll get to see Kenflo vs. Clay Guida now at UFC 107.


Well, in life you either step up and embrace risk, or run like a scared little girl.

Rampage just took a big one.

Given his tenure in the sport, I don't think this is anything he can't recover from.

Let's face it, TUF is going to hype the hell out of their fight. I don't care if it happens late next year. I still want to see it.


I honestly doubt there was any true bad blood between him and Rashad. Rampage is a good talker/hype artist and was more than likely just playing up the "hatred" to sell the fight.

Maybe, maybe not. Rampage is also a very charismatic individual, that should help him in getting parts (think Dwayne Johnson). And even if he doesn't make as much money in Hollywood, at least he'll be doing it without having to worry about getting his face beaten in.

He can still go back and fight (and most likely will) if he wants to. It's not like he's saying that he's retiring. Randy made a similar move choosing to take a break from fighting to play a part in "The Scorpion King 2", and it didn't seem to hurt his chances of getting a title fight, and he was older than Rampage when he did so. I doubt it'll be all that damaging to Rampage's career either.


The big difference is Rampage really fucked the UFC backing out of this fight. The coaches fight at the end of TUF. They know this when the sign up for it. They have also had to move some fights around and now don't have a card to put up against Fedor vs. Rogers. They also have to think about what they do with Rashad now. Other fighters they may have put him in against, had they not planned on Rampage, are probalby tied up for some time. Dana is pissed and that is not going to help Rampage when he does come back.

You agree to a fight and sign on the dotted line, you fight.


Man I wish this didn't have to be my first post.. but everything I read from you just makes you sound like a UFC nuthugger and I've been lurking for a long time don't worry. I think its perfectly fine that he is pursuing other interests in his life.. especially sense it obvious his mind was already set and he wouldn't have been into the fight. Dana white can be as angry as he wants to be, hes loosing money which is all he cares about.. I do not think the fans will mind waiting for rampage to be focused


After Dana stuck up for him after his meltdown, this is how he repays him? So I guess he won't be in his fighters corner either. I don't even see him making a good BA. A guy like Kimbo or an experienced actor like Terry Crews would be much better.


You want to call him a nuthugger, but fail to understand perfectly reasonable points (wether you love the UFC or hate it) that he made.

He can pursue all the career pathways he wants - after he's fulfilled his contracted obligations. What he said was right: by doing this he's majorly fucked the UFC in the ass. Not only does he break his contract (I don't know about you, but when I sign on a dotted line to do something, it behooves me not only legally, but speaks volumes about my character to honor that agreement) but he disrupts the card. Now they'll have to find a last minute shoe-in to fight Rashad, or replace the fight completely.

You say Dana White only cares about money, but wether that's true or not doesn't matter; Why do you think Rampage is running off to do the A-team movie? It sure as hell isn't to challenge his thespian abilities.


My only point is that his heads not in the fight.. and I'd prefer to see a fight that he cares about. It was late last night and dhickey annoys me to a certain extent so my reply wasn't in the best of interests. And as far as Dana white, I do see him as the Don King of mma


Off topic Just wanted to say I met clay last night at a local fight he was cool as fuck. End of off topic fight on.


Motherfucker beat me to it


Chuck Liddel on Dancing With The Stars...Rampage on the A-Team...What's up with all these ex-champs going all "diva" all of a sudden?

Rampage is done as a fighter. He doesn't want it anymore, realizes he doesn't have it anymore. He's ridden the wave, won the title, he's done it all.

He's a charasmatic dude and he got signed on as coach for TUF10 because of this, not because he can actually coach worth a damn.

He'll go the route of the Rock at best, or LL Cool J at worst...both have played the 'big black dude' on film with little actual acting ability.

He'll make MUCH more money as an actor. To think otherwise is rediculous. Why would the Rock switch to subpar acting? Those top end WWE folks make FAR more money than your UFC guys.


well, i don't know what they're paying him for the movie, but i would imagine he would have gotten at least $1 mill for the Rashad fight.


well, as far as i'm concerned, Rampage is full of shit. he's talked a ton of smack to everyone, and now he ditches his contract for a movie?

way to back it up.....


Well that you make you an idiot who just posted his first post. What are you in fucking highschool?

He turned down a title fight to do the Ultimate Fighter series, which includes a fight against the other coach at the end of it. His employer spent a lot of cash promoting the season and the fight. He already made a commitment. In the real world you make a commitment to your employer, you keep it. Either that or you quickly fall out of favor with your employer. You'll understand this when you start a career.

It's a good thing he took it too. I heard that Adrian Peterson was the second choice. He was going to leave the Vikings for a few weeks to do the filming. No games, no practice. If it would have come down to it, good for him. I mean as a Vikings fan I would rather have him take some time off rather being distracted by not taking it. The Vikings shouldn't be pissed. I mean he signed a contract and committed to playing the games but all they care about is their money. So what if he fucks their season?

See how fucking stupid this sounds?

Rampage is a grown man and can do whatever he wants. That doesn't mean it wasn't dbag move. That doesn't mean it is not reasonable for his employer to be very disappointed in him. I thought the same way about what Don Frye did to M1 and I am no fan of M1.

Congrats on a great first post.


How could his head not be in it if there was no A-team movie for him to do? He turned down a title shot to fight Evens. It's his job to fight. Do we need any more. Again, all things you will understand when you get your big boy pants.