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Rampage Passes on Machida to Fight Evans


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Personally I think from a marketing standpoint, Rampage made a great choice. Why rush? Give yourself time to improve further. It's not like the title shot, is not going to be available later.

Little disappointed from a fighter standpoint, but it's still smart business.


i think part of this is the problems the ufc would've had with lyoto as coach...engrish is important for american audiences. plus i don't think anyone's going to be rushing in to fight lyoto right now - he isn't the payday chuck was when he was knocking fools out, and his style has been making good fighters look like fools.


i mean, it's one thing to get hit with a bomb and just planted, quite another to never even come close to touching the guy while he dances around picking you apart.


weird.....i thought Rampage was prolly the worst coach i've seen on TUF. i imagine it will be more of a draw for him to fight Evans, but still....turn down a title shot?

oh well, he's a real fighter and i'm not, so i can only be so critical....


Damn, who does lyoto fight and does the winner of Rashad/Page get a title shot. You think wrong the article said Lyoto doesnt want to be coach not Dana doesnt want Lyoto to be coach.


Great CAREER decision. If I were his manager, I'd have advised him the same.

Rampage is GREAT on TV. Keep putting that mug on TV. Maybe something in Hollywood will come up.

Plus, a fight with Machiada is a guaranteed loss.

So what's the upside to fighting Machiada?

Fighting is a business to these guys. It's their livelihood. Gotta be smart, not brave.


Some sources are saying Shogun this will be interesting, we haven't really seen Machida fight a top non counterstriker or anyone as well rounded as Shogun.


Machida is a nightmare match up for Shogun. He's wide open coming forward every single time, and his footwork sucks. He will drop him like Silva, over and over again. I think Rampage stood a decent chance of beating Lyoto up inside, but taking TUF is a no brainer as CLaw said. No reason to rush to that fight. Take the time to acquire the tools to beat him.


Seem some people forget how good he was if he is in top form I think he gives Machida problems.


Shogun was/is crazy good.
But still, Donut is absolutely right. Rua's standing style is afterall a brawler style. He is precisely what Machida's style can capitalize on.
Since Machida is also strong in the clinch (also a strongpoint of Shogun), Rua musst go to the ground, pretty much the only thing left.


It's not a matter of being good. There are good, even great, fighters stacked up in the UFC's LHW division. It's a simple matter of him not possessing anything that would give Lyoto trouble, save for his submission game. His wrestling and ability to close the distance to get an upper body lock on Machida aren't good enough for his BJJ to come into play, however. Machida has shown time and time again that you can't take him down from that position.


Nobody has forgotten how good Shogun was in top form. How else can we recognize that he isn't there right now...key words being right now.


And we all know that a) reporters are never wrong and b) Dana never lies


How? Please explain.


He's well rounded and the best striker Machida will have faced, if it goes to the ground edge Shogun, if it stays standing well see. Shogun is also a far better kicker than anyone Machida has faced and his wrestling looks really good.


Shogun will get thoroughly dominated by Machida. Shogun is not even in the same league as Evans when it comes to quickness and explosiveness and Evans couldn't even hit Machida. How is a slower less technical striker going to do better? I can't see Shogun even coming close. Rampage is smart to avoid Lyoto. That is another guaranteed loss.

This guy (Machida) is going to dominate the division for as long as he has the desire to. I was actually dreading this because he had been boring but he is starting to be more aggressive and making better fights. The aggressiveness could be a potential opening for getting knocked out or it could result in an even more dominant fighter.


lol, i guess we truly have come full circle if shogun is being called a less technical a striker than evans.


I just don't think we have seen enough of shogun lately to make a call either way. I really wish they would give him another solid test before a title shot. I would not put any money on this one either way, but Machida has been much more consistant and has to be the safer bet.


only by people that haven't seen his pride fights. I don't even know what "more technical" is in MMA. It is Mixed (as in more than one) Marshall Arts. I guess if you were comparing Tank Abbot to A Silva you could use "more techinical".

I just can't see using this with any of the top ranked fighters unless it is a complete mismatch in one area. I would say it is a stretch with Shogun and Evans. Maybe if he meant a "more technical" boxer? Certainly not a "more technical" Muay Thia striker.


My bad. Evans being more technical may not be the best description; how about Shogun as less strategic. Evans has a definitive plan in all his fights (countering) whereas Shogun appears to me to be more of a brawler.