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Rampage Nearly Impregnates Reporter


I couldn't help but facepalm...and laugh at the same time...then I felt awkward myself.

Barachiel...I already know what you're going to say..I can't help but think the same.


Rampage is a fucking nut. Every since he punched over that parking sign when he was a coach on ultimate fighter vs Forrest i realized this dude is a fucking lunatic and will probably someday kill someone








I felt so awkward I couldn't even watch all of that. On a side note, Rampage reminds me of my friend Robert.


hahah wow..actually I give big props to the girl taking it. She actually looked fairly comfortable and was goin with it pretty good and saw it all more in good fun. She kinda looked into it with the dancing of the shoulders haha, you gotta admit she does have that natural flirty attitude.

Anyways here's ANOTHER vid of rampage jackson humping a japanease reporter lol. RUFF RUFF!


As a black person I feel that ranks right up there with soulja boy and al sharpton. Not helping SHIT.


She liked it


I love cro cop playing cards just cracking up. man those pride guys look like they had ALOT of fun in Japan.


I'm going to need a moment.


First of all, I love Rampage.

Second, thats fucking hillarious.

Thirdly, she was asking for it.


While the one with the Japanese reporter and the leg humping was actually funny and more innocent, this was a little too much, I think.

I was wondering if I should laugh or cringe.

Although like jcoop82 said... she liked it ! :slight_smile:


This has some of his moments in it.


lol for me it doesn't make me cringe at all or anything..i think mostly cause in my mind it's perfectly fine haha and something I would do. OF COURSE if I was that girl's boyfriend watching that shit..ohhh boy.


This guy is nuts.
I mean.....bulawaga NUTS.


That was pretty funny. Rampage is a laid back guy, IMO, some guys are way to serious when it comes to MMA. He's a guy that LOVES to fight and not fight just for the money.


Rampage is the craziest, funniest mofo in fighting. I can't wait for the next TUF! He was so hilarious on the last one, and between him and Rashad its just going to be insane.


Problem is... what exactly are you going to do to a dude named RAMPAGE :-p


crazy horse > rampage