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Rampage Done Fighting





Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Rashad vs Anderson Fuuuuuuuuuck TUF 10


Dana's lack of tact + Rampage being semi neurotic = recipe for that. I can't help agreeing with some of the posters that the Fertitas will step in and sort this mess out.


NOOOO RAMPAGE WHYYYYYY , one of my favorite stand up fighters. Go fuck yourself for leaving. His acting career will not surpass this movie and will be back to fighting this time next year.


Rampage isnt going anywhere he will be back.


Seriously doubt this is permanent


I'm still trying to find out if this is legit.


Sounds like a bit of baby for most of this. Lots of fighters turn down fights they don't want or aren't health for, especially at that level. If he didn't exercise that option he shouldn't bitch about them. Sounds like people I have worked with that endlessly bitched about their pay but never asked for a raise. Companies are established to make money, not to take care of you. If you want something from them you need to be assertive. He seems like a pretty assertive guy so the "woe is me" stuff struck me as a bit of a shock.

The part about the Machida fight is a bitch move by the UFC if true. If the UFC wanted him to coach TUF and fight Rashad, they should have just told people that instead of making him take the heat for it. I also think Dana's public comments about Rampage were not all that professional, but that's certainly Dana's MO. Even if true, not need to air that shit to the press. I think he his usefullness in front of the cameras has come to an end. His passion is admirable but his unprofessionalism isn't doing anything to add to the UFC's bottom line.


many of the sites are posting it and it apparently came right off his webpage. I didn't feel like registering to see.


I say why not.

People always Lick Dana's balls just because his sissy tirades persuade them somehow.
I must admit, at first I wondered how unprofessional he behaves. But it's clear it really helps White manipulating the fans by talking like an angry teenager.

Fedor was always overrated. When they actually tried to negotiate "he has a ton of respect for that guy" a week before, followed by vocal vomit once more when the deal is busted.
Crocop was an asshole, "no respect", "I'm through", for wanting to fight in Japan after UFC99.

Then, it's all a misunderstanding and he's back in the ring.
The EA guys are scum for producing another MMA video game (gasp!). It works again, and people actually take the time and fill forums with Dana's crap: "they dont care for us fans". What?

Now Rampage is an ass because he's abandoning... the UFC..family?

It's actually simple:
As long there's no breach of contract (which probably isn't, cause the Fertittas would sue Rampage's ass till it resembles Dana's head), the man is free to choose.

This isn't boxing where he is fed cans once in a while and maybe every 18 months a possible champion. The upper echelon UFC roster is busy fighting near constantly the top of their game. That is tiring!

If he does well in front of the camera, the better for us for promoting MMA, if not, maybe he'll return- also good.

Good Luck, Rampage.


I hate to admit this, mainly out of disappointment, but the Schwarzfahrer makes some good points.

The Schwartz is strong with this one ; )

On the other side, I would love to see Rashad vs Silva.


Its true it came from rampages site and I agree with him 100%. If they did give him the fight with Machida thats bull he def. earned it. The evens fight would be exciting but very risky for rampage and he already proved that he deserved another title shot. And dana disrepecting him like that and making a mocery of him how would you want to fight for someone like that hes lucky if rampage don't ko his bald ass. I am really disappointed in this cause he is one of the best 205s out there period.


This will all blow over in a few weeks or months. No way Rampage is done fighting. Granted, I don't see him fighting into his 40's as he stated in his post, but, at the same time, I don't see him just up and walking out of the UFC right now. There's too much money for him to make both in and out of the cage.


I dunn, Rampage was tantamount to calling the UFC a fraud. With the whole Machida 'pretend like you're scared' shyt, he made Dana look like a big d-bag and the organization as a whole look like pro-wrestling.

Having been in a situation sort of like this, (not fighting tho ha), one thing that will get the door slammed on your ass, is publicizing your issues and making your boss look bad to those who bring him his money.

I think Dana White is a scumbag, I'm totally on Rampage's side, but I'll be very suprised if this shit blows over, especially considering how burned out Rampage sounds, I mean, we all know how psychotic this dude is, for him to sound like that, he's gotta be really burnt out.

It's kind of funny. I've got a friend, more like ex-friend, whose personality seems just like Dana Whites. Just fucking trivial, manipulative, insubstantial, superficial...He's the kind of dipshit, who will say, help yourself to my Vodka, and then call you and say 'Why the fuck did you drink my Vodka?,' then you don't talk to him for a week, and he begs you back, and invites you to the same Vodka that left a sour taste in your mouth.

Just absolutely insane, but not in an honest or passionate way like a guy like Rampage, more like a confused spoiled child who somehow maintains his ambitions sort of madness.

Anywyas, he wants to join the UFC. Fights MMA, and I tell this dude, "Why the fuck do you wanna be Dana White's bitch so bad? That dude is just a pimp for a bunch of dudes, who lack non-violent assertive skills, many of whom are probably extremely insecure, and many extremely inept communicators...If you really wanna be a bad ass, you'd just rob, kidnap, kill Dana White. Why make his money, if you could just take his money. He's too bitch to step in the ring himself."

For real, Dana White is like a Haniibal Lecter for all dudes with 0 effeminate personality traits (I don't mean this is in a gay way.)
Probably alot of them just want Dana to love them honestly...wierd shit.


I think he's got some anger issues but seems like an all-around good guy. He's definitely one of my favorite guys in the UFC.

There are a lot of psychopaths in business. They remain in business because they get results, sadly. I've worked for a person like this and his BS ran real deep - always bragging about himself, mood swings, lies (told me he was in the SEAL teams, etc), projection, public humiliation.


Ha. I can put up with most of it. But scape goating and humiliation is shyt that'll make me stop talking to you, and Salena you three months later in a parking lot...lol.

It's wierd but this wierd but our whole world seems like a teeter-totter of blind socially wreckless extroverts ruling over thoughtful passion introverts, often with brutal and tactless results.

Unfortunately I'm one of these introverts. :frowning:
Dickheads like to run your mouth, and then don't understand why the 'quiet man' ends up stabbing him 37 times in the parking lot till you bleed to fucking death, like they never thought it was coming...

Call it passive-aggressive, I call it clandestine-effective.

Alas, his time is fucking coming.


uh what?


well, i think this movie thing is bad timing for Rampage. he has increased his striking a lot recently...in his last few fights, i thought he looked like one of the better boxers in MMA. if he leaves while he's improving, it think he's not gonna get it back.

and i don't feel bad for Rampage....he turned downa title shot to do TUF and fight Rashad, and now he's turning down Rashad.

yeah, Dana's a d-bag. i won't deny that, at least based off what i see from him on TV and stuff.

but i'll quote him on this to Rampage "you're a fucking fighter-fight."


I think he is going to Japan to fight in Pride.