Rampage Cast for A-Team Movie?!


OK, aside from the obvious Apocalypse implications. . . does anyone else see this as a way for Rampage to stall facing Lyoto for a while longer?

Not to mention provided he beats Rashad and goes off to do this, who becomes the next challenger for Machida?

I’m pretty sure he’s going to want to fight sooner than Rampage would be ready.


2 things:

  1. Your avatar = YES!
  2. I loved the A-Team and thing Rampage would make a good B.A. As far as fighting, he’d definitely be out of the cage for a while. I’m sure he’s still train, but actual fights would be off. If he’s under contract, can he even take that much time off?

update: now the Rampage/Rashad fight is postponed. Hopefully it will be back on schedule sooner than later.

I think that “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” guy would make a better B.A. than Rampage…just my two cents.

That is still one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials