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Ramos and Compean Sentences Commuted


It's about time. They'll be freed March 20.


It's about damn time.




This is probably the only thing - the only thing - that will soften my view of Bush somewhat.


Meh. There is no reason why this couldn't have happened before his last day in office. Furthermore, I don't know why they have to spend two more months in jail. I'm happy for them and their families but this issue is still frustrating all the way to the end.


I don't really understand the situation here, so keep that in mind. They shot an unarmed man from behind, and attempted to cover it up?


x2 praise the lord



the man was here to testify in court, he had immunity at the time to allow him to come over the border.

the problem here was not that the 2 officers were arrested and CONVICTED. but the problem was that this guy had no supervision so he was still smuggling drugs while he had immunity.

the two officers are guilty, there was no reason to commute them.

the man though should have be in jail with them.

talk about decaying society, cowards can shoot you in the back and get off free.


how many more drug dealers and other criminals will bush be pardoning.

drug dealers and welfare cheats. back on the street!

officers who act like cowboys and cant follow simple protocol. back in the street!

corrupt politicians. back in government!


Good news.


i just feel bad he didn't give them a full pardon.


I don't think he could, as there is a minimum time that must be served in jail in order to get a pardon. They haven't been in jail long enough IIRC.