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Ramon Dekker Videos


If anyone else knows about Ramon Dekkers, either way he's an amazing muay thai fighter. Here's one of his video's.

and here's just some random kickboxing knockouts.


And here's Fedor in action:

(click on Download video directly to see it).

AND THISSSS NASTY AS HELL..anyone know how this shit happens lol, its the 2nd time i've seen it (broken leg from kicking)


(again....(click on Download video directly to see it).

Alright, well just thought i'd share some of that with all of you fight loverss. Ramon Dekkers though, is the MAN.



i've just learned of Dekker today from another thread and he's completely reinvigorated my love of muay thai. what an amazing athlete, such brutal kicks.


Aye...what can I say...If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much...:wink: