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Rammstein and Retards (GSLP)


Hi! Ive decided to make this log because I wanted to try having a log.
A little bit about myself:
I am from germany (thats where the Rammstein parts comes from) and I train with a buddy of mine and my younger brother, both Ive known for about 16 years (thats were the retards part comes from).
My Goal is to get bigger, stronger and a lil bit faster. And leaner of course. (I like Amit Sapir, Stan Efferding, Larry Wheels, Sam Byrd, Franco Columbu, Johnny Jackson, Tee Popoola, the list goes on)
I am 18 yrs old, 175cm short.
I went from about 55kg skinny fat with a total of under 150kg to not really fat 71kg Squat 100x7, Bench 70x8 and Deadlift 130x5 in 2 years, 1 of which has been productive training.
I am currently doing GSLP and fucked up my shoulder and knee in a small car accident, nothing severe. Im able to train again since about 3 weeks ,my shoulder still hurts. I am really excited to start this log, so yeah, welcome.


Sorry to hear about the car accident. Id recommend taking it easy, i did gymnastics when i was little and i flipped landed wrong and messed up my shoulders so now i regularly do band pull aparts and they work a charm. If you have acces to a band id highly recommend pull aparts