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Ramen & Cup-O-Soup


I just started trying these products after maybe a decade and was wondering, are there similar products that are healthful and NOT made from the cheapest crap around.

I don't mind noodles, I just want a product made for the health and quality minded.....


you mean like make your on spaghetting and throw some chicken noodle soup or boullion in there?


i love it


I'm not sure if I got your question right, so let me try to paraphrase and you tell me if I'm wrong.

You've been wondering if there is a healthy version of Ramen noodles that will cost you about a quarter?

If that's the question, I have no answer. I doubt I could make a quality and healthy meal of any kind for anywhere close to that cheap.


The dried pasta aisle in the grocery store will probably sell 'high fiber omega 3 magical fairy' wheat pasta for a buck or two per pound. I'm not sure where you'll get the healthy MSG from though!


$$$$'s not the issue, just seeking the products.


I make a fake version when I want an asian style soup.

First, make a big pot of stock (easy... slowly cook down a couple gallons of water, leftover chicken bones, an onion, celery etc. Freeze whatever you don't use).

Fill a meal-size saucepan about halfway with stock, add a tablespoon of miso paste, dash of soy sauce, a clove or two of crushed garlic, half-teaspoon of chili sauce (sambal). Bring to a boil.

Then add whatever leftover chicken or meat you have, a couple of big handfuls of fresh mung bean sprouts (or a brick of frozen spinach), a raw egg if you want. (Get the bean sprouts and miso paste at an asian grocery). Obviously, use your head to calculate the correct amount of cooking time needed, the order things are added etc.

The problem with regular store-bought ramen is that the noodles are deep fried (plus noodles aren't ideal bodybuilding food to begin with) and the powdered soup base has all kinds of junk in it, like MSG.


Korean Noodles, only subsitute, still all carby and shit, but, no msg and broth actually has little salt.
Tastes just as good too :smiley:

So I guess it's good for a post-workout or pre/post cardio meal, other then that scratch the soup!


In short no. they are not made with optimal health in mind. more with drunk/broke college kids in mind.
Try Annie Chun's stuff:


You could make a more healthful version with chicken broth and shirataki noodles or Konnyaku noodles. If fact, with the konnyaku noodles, other than rinsing the dried noodles, they would be would be as easy to make (with a microwave) and way more healthy with only 1/7 the calories of regular pasta and 4 times the fibre.


Thanks for the ideas!


Awesome thread!