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Ramdom Questions...

Hey guys, not sure where this one belongs… so i put it here. just got some questions that might seem wierd but they made me think.

  1. if you’ve been eating poorly obviously your body won’t be up to much. now if you then start to eat properly does your body take time to build up the nutrients to start building muscle, losing fat etc…?

  2. when taking steroids that aromatize you should take anti-e meds too, but when you come off of them does the amount of estrogen rebound because of the suppresion? and can you stop that from happening?

On issue #1, it certainly takes the body time to implement changes. However, with “poor” nutrition and an eating change, it is hard to say what may have to be corrected.

For example, if someone were to start lifting, the body would have to build muscles and probably strengthen tendons, ligaments and bones. With appropriate nutrients muscles will adjust quickly while the others will lag behind.

I generally think of non-muscle changes in terms of weeks and months. For example, some foods and supplements change the way the body works in minor ways. Perhaps gene expression is altered or certain optimizations are prefered - as in fish oil causing cardio adaptations.

These types of changes also won’t be instant, as the body will have to operate under the new conditions for some period of time for whatever changes it is making to propagate.

Also, if you had some subclinical chronic issues that were exacerbated by poor nutrition, that your body could fix with improved eating habits, more antioxidants and required nutrients for example, then again it would certainly take time for the issues to be halted and then for any problems that were caused by those issues to slowly alleviate.

However, with respect to fat loss, if you are consuming less calories that you are expending, you’ll burn something off. While energy consumption is a fast process we carry incredibly large reserves considering our daily needs.

You have other issues to worry about then building muscle when not eating properly. Unless you have a ton of muscle and are trying to squeeze out more, your body is going to build muscle when doing the correct routines.

thanks vroom helpful answer… not quite sure what airtruth was saying, could you clarify for me. any one got anythinf for question 2??

  1. steroids cause side effect. but can you control ALL of them or just certain ones. like if taking a certain steroid might cause heart problems that’s it heart problems may occur and there’s nothing you can do about it but you could prevent something like nut shrinkage just by simply taking an natural T supporter??? If you understand what i’m saying…