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Rambo IV AKA John Rambo


I don't think this has been posted yet. Fresh from his suprisingly good 6th Rocky movie, an HGH-powered Stallone is going to play Rambo. Again. Let's hope it isn't reminiscent of a direct to video Seagal film. I'm guessing that's his stunt double to the right.
There's the link for the rest of the pics.


Yea, I can't wait for the new rambo to come out. Rambo III sorta sucked so i'm hoping 4 will be better. Plus, Who really thought Stallone was "All Natural?"
O well.


I wonder how much GH he's going to need for this role...


How old is this guy? Do you look half as good as him? Give him some credit.


"Rambo III" was bad ass dude. It might've been the worst of the three, but it was still awesome.

I would've liked to seen an older, more grizzled Rambo this time. The Just For Men mullet doesn't work for me anymore.


I agree he is awesomely fit. As far as shit that you can inject into your body, HGH is among the least harmful. It's an exact replica of something your body creates anyway. I'd just hate to see what happened to Stallone if he went off it. As it stands, he's one grandpa I'd rather not tangle with. Rambo III was dumb, but I liked all the creative ways they found to kill Russians and have Rambo be an invulnerable man-god.


Very original.


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He was convicted for having it in his possession.

Now why in the fuck would a washed up actor/athlete who stars in muscular manly roles have GH, BECAUSE HE'S FUCKING USING IT.

And yes I look half as good as him. In fact multiply that by 6 because I look 3 times better than that saggy fuck. He's a drugged up, washed up, slurred speaker who couldn't act his way out of a jail cell.

The only reason he's not in prison is because famous people get away with whatever the fuck they want, that's why I hate the guy.


A majority of adult males over 50 have adult onset GH deficiency.

His HGH was probably legal and doctor prescribed.

Im 35 or so years younger than him and I will be taking GH soon due to low levels.




Everyone's tough on the Internet.


There is a difference between a charge and a conviction. Don't pretend that you understand the distinction.



I don't suppose you care to show us a pic of your 3x better than Stallone body?



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The guy has youngsters half his age beat. Even though he is (or was) on some kind of gear, he still had to put his time in in the gym. He looked good in Rocky 6, and I am sure he will be bad ass again in this next Rambo. Cant say the plot will be any good though.


He probably wasn't convicted because the court system takes years to process shit. Add that to the fame and he probably wont see the inside of a court room for another 3 years. It's very obvious that he's using it. He had it, he's an athlete, he's old and saggy, he has movies to make. Do the math, and while your at it you might want to get off of my "thingy".

And the next person to ask for a teenagers picture over the internet is getting reported to the feds, you sick fucks.




Why do you care so much? Do you hate all famous people or just stallone. And have fun with that because whilst you're busy hating, he doesn't even know your name and likely never will.

So I doubt he cares. You could do the same thing as use your energy more productively. Hating over the internet does nothing for anyone.