Rambo II Knife, Anyone Test It?

Has anyone here field tested the Rambo II knife or the I, I mean beat some trees, chopped some woods with it.

youtube it. plenty of appropriate knife field testing vids…w/o ten year olds and a butter knife.

I have looked , can’t find a field test for the Rambo II, I have the Rambo III and it is awesome and I have beat the shit out of it.

Tthe knife is crap I’m sure. You want a great knife, www.edgedspecialities.com or google Stephan Fowler. The first has Mad Dog knives which are hands down the best. A bowie style knife is app 1200-1700+ dollars and darn near indestructible.

Fowler makes great Bowies for the 500-600$ range. Not as nuclear proof, but great knives.

Rule of thumb, movie style knives are a piece of shit.

Fallniven makes great knives.
Rambo sized knives are very impractical.

cant go wrong with a USMC Ka-Bar fighting knife…bought one for about 55-60bucks and i have trully beat the shit out of it and stays sharp as hell…excellent knife


A buddy of mine has it. He don’t like’t.