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Rambo 4

seems a teaser trailer leaked out…

seems the video did not upload…

here are 2 links…




[quote]mtotry wrote:
seems a teaser trailer leaked out…


Yeah but who cares? He has PMOS, otherwise known as Perpetual Mouth Open Syndrome, clearly from all the growth hormone abuse.


Back to reality, hell yeah! Can’t wait!



Haha, just watched Rocky II. Sylvester looks so mature in those pics.

Wow…an R rated trailer :slight_smile:

Vintage Rambo for sure. Is there a release date?

Side note: This isn’t the story that had been floating around the internet a few months back, is it? I remembered it being a bit more like Firefox, only without the plane.

That is fucking awesome.


Good ole Rambo violence.

Maybe the Mods should merge the two parallel Rambo 4 threads, for the greater glory of Sly the First: