i need to ramble. Class got canceled this morning so i have some free time. here we go.

Pay attention to the people around you. If you are in the middle of the isle of the grocery store please move.

Why do some people lift weights when they do the same thing every day and never get stronger or bigger?

If you are eligible to recieve food stamps, you should not be able to carry a cell phone.

Why does Jason Kidd say that he wants to go to a winning team when his team was just in the Finals and he failed to show up?

If you treat animals bad, then you probably are not a good person.

People who wear baggie pants, boat neck tshirts, and fanny packs get on my nerves. These are the same guys who train chest on mondays and train shoulders with legs.

If not for ebay,I would be broke right now.

Is there really a difference between Mega Men vitamins and Flintstones?

If you arent where you want to be, its probably the fault of the person looking at you in the mirror.

There are no victims in this classroom.

On Fox News one night a lady said that it had been two years since she had talked to her baby’s father verbally. How else do you talk to someone? Mentally?

All my heroes growing up used steroids. What does that say about me?

After much consideration, cheerleading is not a sport and neither is bodybuilding. haha.

There should be a law that no shows about aliens or ghosts can come on after 7 pm.

Why do people who’s skin hasnt seen the light of day in two years dye their hair black and where black? It makes you look terrible.

When are the reality shows gonna get old? They are all so stupid, especially the dating shows. Where do they find this trash? We watch tv to escape reality for thirty minutes, not to see it.

Pepsi One should flow freely at every restaurant.

That’s hilarious and a lot of your rants are very true.

More ranting, while I’m in the mood:

Why is it when you’re in love, every damn song on the radio reminds you of it?

Why do actors/actresses all swear that pilates is the ONLY exercise they do?

Why isn’t Gary Coleman the pop idol that Justin Timberlake pretends to be?

If you want to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

When is the best time to see your dentist? Tooth-hurty… (get it? say it out loud…)

What did the pig put on his cut? Oinkment.

If you clench your teeth like crazy when you’re at the gym, are you setting yourself up for temporomandibular dysfunction? (answer: maybe, but moreso if you’re a woman - yes this is true)

My mom always liked my twin brother better…

oops, gotta run.
Laters, t-friends.
the incredible edible dr. d

You know what pisses me off a LOT…

most every girl i know thinks that if a guy is ripped, they are really strong!

i’m decently defined, but i’m not extremely ripped. a 5’6" 140lb friend of mine is really ripped (one of those typical small-and-skinny-but-ripped guys, yeah that’s a new technical term), and girls are like oh… i bet you’re really stong, i can see the veins in your forearm!

Goldberg, not only are you big and strong, you have a soft caring side, as well. I like that.

“If you treat animals bad, then you probably are not a good person.”

BTW, I have to train calves and shoulders tonight. Does that count?

he he heee --Paul–, if you haven’t figured it out yet, girls are dumb. Get yourself a woman.

I know what you mean paul… The unfortunate thing is that they (the ripped dudes) begin to believe they are strong and find it necessary to provide advice to me, the dude who is big but not ripped without ever asking what my goals are…

Chicks who know strength know what it looks like on a guy and that its not necessarily lean muscle and skintight definition.

Since we’re all whining on this thread, I just want to say that I had to work until midnight last night, then had to get up at 4:45 this morning and get right back at it at 6:30. I won’t be able to leave work until 3:00PM today. I hate my job some days man, I really do.

Oh, and my hair is curly and I have this Justin Timberlake thing going on today for some reason, it usually straightens out with gel but it’s being defiant. I look like Mike motherfuckin Brady with a perm.

Sweet, I always dig your shit.

Goldberg, I did legs & shoulders today. So, what’s wrong with that?

haha. i dont know but your damn pictures trip me out.


Funny you should mention that, as Goldie and I get confused for each other all the time. With both of us being Large, Bald Men the only way to tell us apart is the fact that I wear the cape and Goldie prefers sequins.

“Ve Luv Da Tiga”


You amke me proud big guy. And whats up with supersizing. If you bf % is over 20, you should be banned from fast food.

Whaddya mean bodybuilding is not a sport?

I work on floor 10 of a building. I hate it when I get on the elevator at floor 2, and then have to stop at 4 because someone wants to go to 5. No fucking wonder you’re a fatass. Take the goddamn stairs!!! If I’m going 1-3 floors up or down, I take the stairs, unless the elevator opens up right as I walk by it.

jason kidd averaged 20ppg, 8apg and almost 8rpg and 2spg

played okay i reckon