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Ralph Nader


I wonder how much Bush is paying him this time around?

While I more or less agree with him regarding our two party system, I think the only real reason for him to run this year is to take votes from the dem candidate and prop up Bush.

The bushleaguers liked the way it worked so well last time that they decided to pay him to do it over again. What a fucking jackass.


Yup, just like Clinton paid Ross Perot to split the Republican party, huh?


Bush is..."a walking corporation masquerading as a person..." - Ralph Nader on Meet The Press, 2/22/04

*This was the "nicest" thing Nader had to say about Bush. Also, he said Bush should be Impeached due to "duping" the hundreds of men/women in the military that have been sent to fight the war in Iraq on falce pretenses with no exit strategy in place.

He had harsh words for the "two" parties, I highly doubt he'd accept any money from the Bushleague.


Avoids, no offense but thats a load. Clinton beat both opponents soundly....IMO, He would have been elected a third time if it was possible.


Nader is running to prove he can run. Buchanan can do it as well. Dean can still do it. Since you have only one vote, whoever gets it takes it from the others. It is known as democracy.


Il Cazzo, why don't you run and go study up on some of that there 'research' you have been preaching about so much?

It seems Cazzo talks out both his mouth and asshole at the same time.


"I wonder how much Bush is paying him this time around?"

Do you really think that? You don't know very much about Ralph Nader at all if that is what you believe. He's not really the type of guy to be persuaded by money, no matter the amount.


No Merlin, I suppose I don't really believe that. It's just that I'm at a complete loss for any other plausible explanation. Other than the obvious one that Ralph is a pompous self-righteous egotistical jackass.

Meet the Press pointed out that if Gore had received just 1% of the Nader vote in either Florida or New Hampshire, even the Supremes wouldn't have been able to steal it for Georgie. Cheney would likely be facing charges for his conduct at Haliburton, and Asscroft would just be that jackass from Missouri who lost to a dead guy.

If Nader despises Bush as much as he claims, why would he want help him again?


IL Cazo, you missed the whole freakin' point. Shame on you!


tme, you must be suffering from what psychiatrist Charles Krathaummer has coined "Bush Derangement Syndrome." You're starting to think Bush has Ralph Nader on the payroll! That's even less plausible than his having arranged 9-11 (which, BTW, 19% of Germans and 33% under 30 think)! I suggest you relax a little bit and take in a movie. Perhaps "The Matrix" or "They Live."


"That's even less plausible than his having arranged 9-11 (which, BTW, 19% of Germans and 33% under 30 think)"

That piece you took this from was an interesting article wasn't it Brian!

Even The Nation magazine is calling for Nader not to run. Sharpton may be getting bankrolled by the Republicans but Nader probably just has a bad case of ego.


Brian, I suppose if the definition of this "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is that I despise the stupid bastard, and dislike living with an illegitimate, corrupt and dishonest administration, then I will proudly proclaim to be guilty as charged.

Nader's candidacy will do nothing but ensure Bushleague's re-appointment. Given that Nader knows that, there is no valid reason for him to run other than the retirement fund he's getting from Karl "Taking it up the Ass from Rummy" Rove.


the explanation is that nader has a big ego... a more realistic goal for him would be to run for congress, or senate... not fucking president... i will be throwing up in november if bush wins again. where is ross perot when you need him?



Ralph Nadar just happens to be one of those old fashion people who stand up when they think something is not right.
I admire that spirit. He could be called a T-man for that.

I also think that he will get a few million votes. Half will come from Kerry the other half would have stayed home. Will he be the reason that Kerry loses? No, Kerry will lose either way, he simply loses by more with Nadar in the race.

Hey, I could be wrong, but I did call the last seven Presidential elections correctly. Who knows?


"...if Gore had received just 1% of the Nader vote in either Florida or New Hampshire,..."
By that logic you can also say that if Gore received just 0.5%of the votes George Bush received he would have been the president. Or if Gore made an effort to appeal to even 2% of those who did not vote in the elections he would have been the president. Or if George?s brother wasn?t the governor of Florida?Or if the aliens came and?
This is a ridiculous argument.
I would never vote for Bush but at the same time Democrats are a bunch of sissies, who should stop blaming others for their shortcomings, if they want those votes they should earn them.


Kuri, I took the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" from an editorial C.K. did a couple months ago. The survey in Germany was something I did a Google search on, after there was an allusion in an article in the current New Yorker about Michael Moore. If you know an article that discusses the German survey in depth, I'd love to hear about it. As you know, I'm fascinated by the history of anti-Americanism and its sometimes pathological dimensions.

Where did you read this allegation about Sharpton?


Finally Zeb says something in the Off-topic forum that I agree with (aside from our same stance on homorepugnancy). It seems that you are one of the few that actually see what Nader is all about, and it's definitely not an ego-trip.


ZEB said: "[Nader] could be called a t-man for that."

I don't think he knows how to deadlift so he couldn't be a t-man.



Being a T-man is less about Deadlifting than about standing up for your beliefs, in the face of tremdous odds.


i dont think nader really cares about his issues if he's willing to give g.w. another 4 years at the helm... a rational person will try to cut his losses, short and long term. had nader not run 4 years ago, he wouldnt be bitching about impeachment proceedings and this and that (well i would like to think that gore woulda done a better job, but who knows).

i guess whether nadar has an ego is up for debate... but one thing is clear.. he is irrational