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Ralph Carpinelli

I just found out that Dr. Ralph Carpinelli passed away earlier this year.

As you may already know, he was a proponent of high effort, low volume programs and has written a lot against the pseudo science in the Strength and Conditioning field.

He was a great influence in the way I look at exercise science research and a big influence in how I approach my own training.

The man was a very low profile individual so if you have any stories about him, please feel free to share.

Dr Darden, I was always curious if you ever got to met Dr. Carpinelli.

Ralph Carpinelli was a great researcher and teacher. I never met him in person, but I did talk with him several times on the phone and through emails. He will be missed. His writings, however, will still be an influencer.


Back around the year 2000, I used to email with a guy who was friends with Ralph Carpinelli. It was great insight in his work. Great researcher indeed.