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Raloxifene vs. Nolvadex + Raloxifene

I’m 25, I’ve had naturally occurred pubertal gyno for more than 5 years and I recently decided to get rid of it. I’ve been on Nolvadex for 12 weeks (20 mg ED) + Clomid (25 mg EOD) but there were no noticeable effects. Now I’ve decided to give Raloxifene a try.

I’ve read somewhere that a combination of Nolvadex and Raloxifene is especially strong and effective in gyno removal process. Should I combine them together or should I take Raloxifene alone? How long do you think I would need to take it to get gyno removed?

I have another question. Should I use arimidex (with raloxifene) even if my estrogen levels are normal? Should I even get estrogen tested since I’m on nolvadex + clomid right now? Won’t results be unrealistic?

Hey Pax, I am not sure of the medical reason for it but I do know that most knowledgeable members of this forum recommend not using a SERM and an AI at the same time. Research some of KSMAN’s posts on the subject as he has provided a lot of great info.

I posted this back in March 2013 after being prescribed Raloxifene for gyno. I had great results from it. Good luck.

“Hey Guys, I have been on TRT for over a year. I gradually worked up to a max dose of 10 grams/Androgel a day. Somewhere between 7.5 grams and 10 grams I developed a very rapidly forming case of gyno. I immediately lowered my dose to 5 grams until I could see my Endo. I previously had pubertal gyno that resolved itself and a surgical case of gyno about 4 years ago which I had removed. No AAS or Prohomones just super sensitive to hormonal changes. Anyways my doctor prescribed Raloxifene 60mg/ED about a month and a half ago and my nipple puffiness has subsided greatly. The swelling around my nipple has gone down as well but I still have tenderness and a deeper lump below my left nipple. It has subsided to the point where I don’t notice it in the mirror. Not sure if this is a success story just yet but I am quite happy with the results so far. I have now switched to shots but at a really reduced dose of 50mg/week. Considering the low dose I feel pretty good.”

I have kept my dose between 50 and 60mg/week with .5mg/week Arimidex. I feel great considering the low dose and have had no reoccurrences of gyno. Good luck.


What do you guys think of 60 mg raloxifene ED + 20 mg nolvadex ED? Would that combo be even better than raloxifene alone?

My endo provided me a case study in which Raloxifene produced greater results than Nolva. I can no longer find the link to the study. It is important to treat gyno before it becomes fibrous. Once it progresses to a certain point it can only be treated with surgery.

Hey Pax, after reading your post again I have to think that the gyno you developed five years ago will have to be resolved with surgery. Hopefully I’m wrong Pax.

So I’ve been on Raloxifene for 4 weeks and so far no luck in lump reduction. However, I got tested Estradiol few days ago, here are the results: 29.65 ng/L (reference: 7.61 - 43.11). What do you think, should I get some aromasin? Would it help in combination with Raloxifene?

SERM’s increase estrogen levels. You need SERM+AI.

I have no expectation that one SERM might be better than another.

You have gyno that is not from a SERM deficiency. Your E2 or E2+prolactin is the cause. Do you have labs?

If prolactin is elevated, you need a MRI screening to see if a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma is there. If so, that can be managed with 0.5mg/week cabergoline/Dostinex.

A SERM cannot block the effects of prolactin!

Your SERM cocktail is an overdose. I would expect high LH levels leading to high amounts of T–>E2 aromatization in the testes. And anastrozole cannot reduce that. For SERM+AI to work, you need to be using sane doses of SERM and there is no reason to stack two SERM’s. More can be worse, but a testament to your enthusiasm and wishful thinking. Don’t pay attention to the BB broscience where guys post about doing such things, they are misinformed and ultimately reckless. Many guys on SERM’s do better on half dose or EOD dosing.

E2 levels can be high if the liver is not able to clear E2 from your blood stream. Some OTC and Rx drugs can do that. AST/ALT lab work can detect some of things like that.

Since raloxifene didn’t help so far, I decided to combine it with 12.5 mg aromasin ED. But I’ve also seen recommendations for Prami. Could anyone tell me more about it? Could it acually help in my case? What short and long term side effects can I expect? Is it really worth a shot?

How were your results with the Raloxifene? I was considering trying it out for some pubertal gyno/puffy nipples. I am currently taking 50mg a week TRT injecting twice a week, and using aromasin with injections to control estrogen.