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Raloxifene Protocol for TRT Users?

Anyone with any experience using Raloxifene to clear up some gyno? I have some gyno/puffy nipples from puberty. I know some of this can be fat, but I do have very puffy nipples, that resemble gyno.

I currently inject 25mg Test sub-q twice a week and take approx. 3-5 mg of Aromasin with injections, depending on symptoms.

My lab values have been good. 500 TT on trough days, and estrogen is between 22-26.

I have read that Raloxifene can increase serum estrogen by a small amount, but I was wondering if there were any other considerations I should be prepared for. Planning on dosing 60mg a day for however many months it takes.

Will Raloxifene effect testosterone levels on TRT? Any experience is appreciated.

You really need lab work. E2 is an issue that requires more than guess work in this case.

I do get lab work, on this current regimen, my E2 ranges from 22-26. I put it in my post.

What I meant by that is, If I notice my morning wood is getting weaker, I know its time to up the aromasin by a small amount. Its never the same, it varies.

OK thanks.

A SERM reduces the negative E2 feedback signal on the HPTA and if the top end of the HPTA functions, LH and FSH is secreted. If LH/FSH is too much, you get a lot of T–>E2 that cannot be controlled by a competitive AI and E2 can increase a lot. In some cases we see SERM to protect breast tissue backfire. I suggest SERM+AI and avoid large SERM dose. 60mg sounds like a lot, I do not know Raloxifene dosing. Suggested doses for post menopausal women are probably not good and body builder steroid sites suggest stupid high doses too.

Dose not known.
Raloxifene appeared to produce better results.
I think that the study is deeply flawed if E2 was not been monitored and concurrently AI managed.
This could stunt growth in these boys, totally horrible.

I knew that it worked similar to other SERMS, and as far as I can tell from looking online, 60mg is the general starting dose for gyno, with people going up all the way to 120 if they have no side effects. I would probably just stick with 60mg, plus I would still be taking my Aromasin. I was just wondering if there were any other considerations, because I am on TRT. I figured I would have some issues with rising E2 or testosterone, possibly.

The idea from what I gather, is that eventually the tissue dies after not being stimulated by E2 for a long enough period. 4-8 months from sources online.

Thanks for your response KSman

Tissue will get smaller. The longer that it exists, the more mature is gets and more resistant then. You will need to monitor E2 from now on.