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Raloxifene for Pre-Existing Gyno Removal

Has anyone successfully used raloxifene to reduce or remove preexisting gyno ? Curious if it would work on pubertal gyno/puffy nipples before continuing with considering surgery.

Thank you

Raloxifene is used by women to prevent and treat bone loss (osteoporosis) after menopause. It slows down bone loss and helps to keep bones strong, making them less likely to break. Raloxifene may also lower the chance of getting a certain type of breast cancer (invasive breast cancer) after menopause.

Estrogen modulator and bone health

It can treat and prevent osteoporosis in women who have gone through menopause. It can also decrease the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women who have osteoporosis or a high risk of breast cancer.

NO you need surgery.

RESULTS: Mean (SD) age of treated subjects was 14.6 (1.5) years with gynecomastia duration of 28.3 (16.4) months. Mean reduction in breast nodule diameter was 2.1 cm (95% CI 1.7, 2.7, P <.0001) after treatment with tamoxifen and 2.5 cm (95% CI 1.7, 3.3, P <.0001) with raloxifene. Some improvement was seen in 86% of patients receiving tamoxifen and in 91% receiving raloxifene, but a greater proportion had a significant decrease (>50%) with raloxifene (86%) than tamoxifen (41%). No side effects were seen in any patients.

CONCLUSION: Inhibition of estrogen receptor action in the breast appears to be safe and effective in reducing persistent pubertal gynecomastia, with a better response to raloxifene than to tamoxifen. Further study is required to determine that this is truly a treatment effect.

One of many studies I’ve bumped into while half ass looking at gyno treatments. This one was younger people, and it seems as though if gyno is less than a year old the chances of treatment with medicine is far better . More or less just curious if anyone has personally used it to deal with minor gyno.

Good find.
IMO once you have produced/ grown a mammary gland surgery is the only way to remove it. Maybe you can reduce its presense with other drugs BUT the gland is still there.

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Definitely more wishful thinking than anything on my part. I’ve come to terms that I will eventually just have the surgery. However seeing a few trials and posts about it had me wondering if anyone with very mild gyno has ever had success.

Sure wish my doctor had offered me some Nolva when I was 14 when I came in thinking I had a tumor in my nipple. “Oh, it’ll go away after puberty” she said.

Has Nolva been successful for you in reducing your signs of gyno?
I have heard it really does shrink the glands to a level not detectable.
If so I would think if you controlled your E2 and prolactin, keeping them on the low side of the range, there would be no further growth.

I’ve never taken Nolva for anything but PCT. have not noticed in those 4 weeks any removal of preexisting gyno. Not sure what the dosage and time frame is for actually shrinking preexisting gyno, but PCT although worked flawlessly, did not reduce it.

My gyno was from youth though, never any worsening or enlargement of it during the two cycles I have ran.

Yes I have. Amazing stuff. 90mg for the first week, and 60mg for the remaining 3 months. I noticed a significant reduction in the fibrous lumps I had from puberty (25yrs ago) at the 28 day mark. Highly recommend it. You could go as high as 120mg. That’s the dose used in one of the studies on men in their fifties, for three months. It was a very well tolerated drug in the study.

Did you get any mental side effects at that dose? If I go to 40mg I start to get panic attacks and hot flashes

Hey, Nixter, how is the treatment going? Did it come back when you stop the drug?