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Raloxifen or Letrozole vs Gyno?



I have developped a slight gyno in my breast (2x2x0.4 cm and 2.8x2.8x0.4 cm).

I am currently taking Tamoxifen 20mg since 2 days.

But I thought about changing to either Raloxifen or Letrozole as the success rate is higher. But I am afraid of the side effects of Letrozole…

How long would I have to use Letrozole, how bad are the side effects?

Raloxifen or Letrozole?

Thank you


ralox is a SERM, and letro is an AI. they are not comparable.


Of course they are not comparable, but they are comparable when trying to deal with gyno…

Which one is better suited???


If you have nolva and have already started running it. Just keep it going. Run it at 40mg along side of Aromasin at 25mg ED until you start to see improvement. IT WILL TAKE TIME!!! Then drop down to 20/12.5 and slowly taper off. It could take weeks or even months. But it will work!

Letrozol is just a very powerful AI and does not block estrogen from binding to the tissue in the breast.

Rolox is a SERM and WILL prevent estrogen from binding to the breast tissue. (That is what you want)

A combination of either Rolox/Aromasin or Nolva/Aromasin is what you will need to reduce gyno

Are you on cycle or dealing with this post cycle?


I am currently on cycle and will be till mid July 2016.

I do not have Aromasin, only Arimidex in hand. I have orderer both Letrozole and Raloxifen.

I am currently taking Tamoxifen (first day 40mg), now 20 mg daily.


a combo of aromasin and nolva would be what I’d suggest


i’m glad i spent that time answering your question already on your other thread about this…

jesus, what is it with you people?