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Rally to Restore Sanity / March to Keep Fear Alive


The people of the internet have won. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are holding their own Beck-like rallies in DC on 10/30/10.

All I can say is... wow



I predict that it will be a dud, and that the liberal media will hide behind the fact that he is a comedian.


haha i hope it works just for the sheer ridiculousness


Jon Stewart should not be responsible for defining sanity, period. He is funny, that's.about.it.


I do not think that ridiculing the Tea Party crowd will make them any weaker.

On the contrary, Beck tries to restore the roots of the conservative movement while the liberals recoil from theirs.

In the end, if ridicule, scorn and laughter is all they can up with they have already lost the battle, they just do not know it yet.



Things have to change, if not we are all screwed.


Yeah, this one will be just as ridiculous and comical as Glenn Beck's.


..only this time it's intentional...


Keep making fun of the Tea Party, they are taking out incumbents one at a time.


You went? What was funny about it?


Well they do have this magical device now called cameras, and fiber optic cable. Maybe you're a Glennaholic though still stuck on 2,000 year old ideas so you may not have heard of it.

Anyway, I watched half of his speech, it was a long, boring sermon. And it's comical because it's religious, that's always hilarious in and of itself.


And that matters how?

Oh right, because you actually believe the people getting voted in by your tea party crowd are going to do anything other than be shallow, corrupt politicians.... Riiiiight. Any time you'd like to come back to reality you're welcome to.


Well, cameras and fiber optic cable would be magical devices...not one big magical device.

I'm sure you're aware that the Restoring Honor Rally was more than just Beck's speech...or maybe you're not, having not watched it in it's entirety utilizing your big magical device...and having not attended.

Look, I'm not a Glenn Beck fan boy...and couldn't care less if you like Beck, went to 8.28, or even if you're a card carrying communist. I was just curious what you found so ridiculous and comical about that particular rally.

And as it turns out, that can be summed up with this well articulated little nugget...

Wowwwwwww....well put.


Maybe a handful will show up. The rest of Stewart's worshipers will be too stoned and fat to get off the couch.


Yeah, or maybe they have jobs or responsibilities to worry about instead of dropping everything to run off to DC for a rally.


They don't have to hold a rally to show us what they want politically. All they have to do is continue stroking Obama and attacking republicans. We get it, we get it.


I think it is a tactic the Dems could use , carping has been very effective for the Reps


How coulv they use it?

"We want other peoples money" is hardly a convincing rallying cry.


What is not a "convincing rallying cry"?


Beck has said, and I quote, "I could give a flying crap about the political process."

So it's a rally about what you want politically, rallied together by a guy who admits he's nothing more than part of an entertainment company. At least I can say this for Glenn, he goes out of his way to make it extremely clear that he shouldn't be taken seriously, intentionally or not.