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Raj Trying to Drop Fat in a Hurry


Hello, I Have been training since the summer of 2007 but really only properly since December 2008 when a friend told me about T-Nation. A few years ago I went from an obese 250lbs to a skinny fat 205lbs doing cardio 5x a week. After that I started lifting weights.

The last two years I had been stuck at this weight couldn't get it down any lower and decided to eat a caloric surplus (increasing carb intake mainly) for a few months and see if I would look better with more muscle and a little more fat.

I made great strength gains during that time but now at 213lb I think I look worse than I did at 205lb. I am now trying to drop to 195lb by the end of the year and have decided to start a log so I can track my progress.

My Stats:

Height: 6'0
Age: 24
Weight: 213lb
Waist measurement: 38.5 inches (I'll be taking this measurement weekly)
Occupation: Student (studying to become a management accountant certified in the US & Canada)

I cannot do any pressing movements as my left shoulder is injured. My Chiro has me doing rehab exercises 3x a week (which I will do after my workouts) that include lower trap exercises such as wall slides, facepulls and overhead shrugs. As well as rotator cuff exercises. By the end of November I should be back to benching and military pressing. Hopefully.

I have chosen a split the following way, but plan to alter it once my shoulder is 100%:

Legs+20min Steady State Cardio+shoulder rehab
Arms + Sprints
Back + 40min steady state cardio+shoulder rehab
Unilateral Leg day + 20min cardio+shoulder rehab
Metabolic+40min steady state cardio

I Really Really Really want to be under 200lbs! Except for a couple of years ago when I was really stressed out I have not been under 200lb in my adult life. My sister is getting married on August 1 2010 and I am hoping to be ripped by then but I'm starting with something a little more realistic at first.

My eating plan is going to be a very low carb approach. I plan to eat protein, carbs only from green veggies (at will) and add 1 serving of fat with each 5 of my meals. The only thing I really will eat that isn't green will be kalmata olives which are 1g carbohydrate for 3 olives. Also I do not eat beef so thats not part of my eating plan. I'm hoping to go 2 weeks between cheat meals, but the longest I have ever gone is 10 days.

My current peri-workout nutrition is as follows:

40g of BCAAs 45 minutes before workout
5-7g leucine 20 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 50g of a fast-absorbed carb 10 minutes before workout
25g whey isolate and 5-7gof leucine+10g BCAA during the workout (finishing pretty much with the end of the workout)
50g whey 15 minutes after the workout
5-7g leucine 80 minutes after the workout
50g whey 90 minutes after the workout

I grabbed this from Christian Thibaudeau's forum. I have slightly modified it by ingesting half of the fastly absorbed carb during the workout by adding a couple of tablespoons of sugar to my workout shake. My carb 10min before is two cookies. Once I pass all my exams and am employed which won't be until the end of next summer, I plan to start purchasing Surge recovery and workout fuel regularly. But for now this will have to due!

As for my other supplements I take a multivitamin during the day, and 15g of fish oil before bed.

Any and all sugestions are welcome!

Oh yeah, I am on the metabolic day and had a cheat meal last night after 10 days. Sadly yesterday morning I weighed 209lbs. I will post later today once I complete my workout.






Meal 3: Protein Shake




have you checked out Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. I have yet to hear of any other method that drops fat faster (or even as fast) as the diet in that book.




Will do some NEPA on the treadmill before bed





Meal 4: half a baked chicken.




meal 4: 2 scoops whey + flax + 1 Tbsp Almond Butter

Meal 5: Piece of Cheese + peanuts


s meal




Morning Weig






Just saw your log
How serious is your shoulder injury and what was the cause and diagnosis?
I recently injured mine (last week) doing pull ups of all things and after the sharp pain subsided, I started with shoulder rehab followed by doing the upper body presses that do not hurt. I started out light enough and as long as there were no containdications, I worked the full range of motion with a challenging enough load.

I will not return to over head pressing till next week and the same goes for drect shoulder work. Of course it is better to err on the side of caution. Just sharing my experience. Alternatively you could work your good side as it may have some carry over effect.


[quote]Bear943 wrote:

I appreciate the suggestion though.


Metabolic Workout


Morning Weight: 205.6lb ~ Nice drop!

No workout today, will do NEPA via clubbing.

Meal 1: 2 scoops 100% whey

meal 2 : 1 scoop 100% whey

meal 3: lettuce+chicken & Shrimp

Meal 4: protein shake ~ Right now I feel like eating myself into a coma via pizza and ice cream

Meal 5: Piece of Cheese, half tbsp pesto, 1 tbsp PB ( I added no fat in my meals today so I had a large serving just now)

I’m cheating tonight, I can’t handle the brain fog while studying, big exam on Hallowe’en. This pizza I ordered will be my carb up.

Meal 6: medium pepperoni pizza, bowl of ice cream 3 cookies, 4 ferraro rocher, handful of crispers