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Raisins Good for Pre-Workout?


Would raisins with my pre-workout meal (which is also my breakfast, finished 60 - 90 mins before I start lifting) leave me crashing halfway through my session? I'm not sure what sort of effect they would have on bloodsugar...... Or would I be better off going with a different fruit, like a banana? I don't really know how reliable the whole idea of GI is, and I'm not sure I buy into it, so maybe it doesn't really matter what fruit I eat?


I would save the raisins until 5 minutes before and during the workout. They have a de-acidifying effect, which is great during intense training, and work better than sports gels to fuel your muscles.

I found this at http://www.precisionnutrition.com/cmd.php?pageid=843859&u=

  1. Topic: Raisins vs. Sports Gels
    Authors: Mark Kern and colleagues from San Diego State University
    Abstract # 1174
    A refreshing part of this year’s conference was the fact that many investigators were looking for nutritional solutions to performance issues rather than supplement solutions. Sure, there were plenty of supplement studies, but there seemed to be an equal number of studies examining the effects of different foods in direct comparison with certain supplements.
    This study is a good example as the authors compared the effects of pre-exercise raisin feedings to commercially available sports gels in cyclists.
    Eight endurance trained cyclists were fed 1g carb/kg body weight (raisins or
    sports gels) 45 minutes prior to exercise. The exercise consisted of a 45 minute ride at 75% VO2max and then a 15 minute performance trial. In the end, performance wasn�¢??t different between the raisin and the sports gel groups. Furthermore, it appeared that raisins subtly, but more favorably, improved metabolism.
    Since raisins provide more micronutrients, provide an acid neutralizing load to the kidneys, and yield the same performance benefits as gels, they provide a cheaper alternative to sports gels.


Why not try eating raisins one morning and see what happens? By their own I don’t know how they’d work but I’ve definitely had oatmeal with raisins in it as a pre-WO meal.