Raising the Bar DVDs?

Anyone have/seen any of these DVD’s? I thought that they look pretty good and wondered if anyone here thinks they are any good/worth the $ (it looks like you can get all 3 for $55).

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar 2

Raising the Bar 3

I know this is an old thread, but I just saw the first two yesterday. First was so good I actually popped the second in and watched it later that day. As I was watching it I really felt like it was an '00s version of Pumping Iron. I’m not sure that it would appeal to everyone, but if the idea of a documentary about a bodybuilder is even slightly appealing to you, I’d recommend it, as it’s very well done and I enjoyed it.

One side note - dont go in expecting it to be about “The Life of A Bodybuilder.” the movie is about the life of this particular bodybuilder, Dave Pulcinella. I do not mean that like it’s a bad thing, just wanted to make a distinction. Also, while the training footage is good, this is nowhere near every set and rep. While I could watch one of Ronnie’s DVDs and give you a pretty good idea of how ronnie trains (or more accurately, how he trained during the filming of each particular DVD) I really couldnt do that for you with Dave. You see him training, obviously, but it’s usually focused more on his exertion. I know he does leg extension, DB bench and leg presses instead of hack squats when his knee is bothering him. Other than that, couldnt really tell ya.

Cliff’s: buy it.