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Raising Stamina


how the hell do i raise my stamina levels??? i train mma 3 nights and swiming 1 night a week, but still my stamina levels suck. im doing my breathing right and "trying" to stay calm. is there any good ways to quickly build up my game??

thanks neil.


quickly and stamina don't go well together

stamina will increase even slower than strength

if you already do aerobic work 4 days/week you'll just have to be patient and wait for results, they won't come 'quick'

The good thing about stamina is that (unlike training for strength) you can adjust intensity to fit your recovery, so doing some light aerobic work ~45-60mins per day every day (or even twice a day) will help you a little, just be sure not to go to fast (~<150 beats/minute heart rate) or it might have a negative impact on the rest of your training


meditation - need to learn to push past your limits.

marathon program long cardio once a week intense other days.


Tabata. It's tough, very tough.


Most of it is mental. Don't sit out for a single round during sparring sessions and always practice with someone better than you. As someone said, you just have to constantly push yourself in practice and make the most of your time. Hill sprints helped me a lot when I wrestled in high school, but the best thing for training stamina for MMA is practicing MMA.


Are you serious? It takes at most 6 weeks of prioritization to get your conditioning levels up to par (notice I didn't say optimal, but certainly acceptable). That's also assuming you're a total slug when you start.


just push past the pain barrier then. ill take your word for it and push it out for the next few weeks see how things go.
thanks lads for the comments.neil.


The real problem with conditioning is that after a certain point, unless you break through mental barriers you will not be able to progress. In my experience there is not a smooth easily climbable curve to in creasing conditioning. At some point you are just going to have to keep going on despite wanting to die. If you can do that, your conditioning will improve again. If it was easy everyone would do it.


It's simple, not easy.