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Raising Money for MS!!

Hey Nation,

I’m riding in the MS 150 Bikeride in Northern Colorado this June to raise money for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, and I’d be thrilled if you could help out by donating a couple dollars!!

If you’d like to donate please go to the link below, it’s very simple, only takes a couple minutes, and is completely tax deductible (assuming I can figure out the receipt process). Please take some time and donate to this great cause.


Nothin eh? That’s a little dissapointing…

Good luck! MS!%0 was a coupel weeks ago in Houston.

my ol lady has m.s. it really fucks up your life. all her plans shot to shit.

Come on guys, what else do you have to put your money to?? Not like Anaconda came out this week or anything…

My husband does the Houston to Austin version of this ride every year for his uncle, who has MS. I work as a volunteer. Its an awesome event. Good luck with the ride!