Raising Low Testosterone Levels

Update: 4 days after my second injection of 250mg Testosterone E per week my blood results are as following:
Total T: 675,7 ng/dL
Estradiol: 20.10 pg/mL (actually below the reference range, which according to this lab is between 27.10 - 52.20 pg/mL)
RBC: 5.2, HGB: 16.1, HCT: 46,4 (all in normal range)
I was looking for higher testosterone levels at this dosage, but I didn’t happen. Not know what’s going wrong.

Test enanthate takes 4-6 weeks to build up in your system.

So every time you change your dosage, 4-6 weeks to a steady state. So your testosterone levels are going to be higher in 4 weeks on this 250 mg dosage.

I can’t believe you’ve been on TRT for 6 months and don’t know that.

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I’m not on TRT for 6 months.
I began my TRT on 27th August 2022. So, I’m running the 2nd month right now.

I’ ve tried SERMS before and Tostran gel for a while, but both didn’t work for me.
On TRT with Testosterone E I’m into almost two months now.

Time to reach steady state

The time to reach steady state is defined by the elimination (what-is-a-half-life/) of the drug. After 1 half-life, you will have reached 50% of steady state. After 2 half-lives, you will have reached 75% of steady state, and after 3 half-lives you will have reached 87.5% of steady state. The rule of thumb is that steady state will be achieved after 5 half-lives (97% of steady state achieved).

So the Tostran 2% gel reaches steady states in about 10 days and Test enanthate 22.5 days → 97%.

This applies not only at the start of TRT, but also everytime you add medicine.

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So, as fas as I can understand, I should wait.
One more question: Some atrophy is already evident. Will this getting worse as far as I continue with TRT or it will hit a plateau and then stabilize there?
I heard that it is reversible. Should I add HCG after some months on TRT?

Update: Blood results 5 days after my 3rd injection of 250mg Test E/once a week:
Total Testosterone: 1290 ng/dl (above the reference range)
Free Testosterone: 390 pg/ml (way above the reference range which is 50-260 pg/ml)
Estradiol: 41 pg/ml (higher than previous exams but still in range)
Hematocrit: 44,6 Hemoglοbin: 15,8 RBC: 5.11 (in range)
I checked also my prolactin and it came back at 15 ng/ml which is borderline high.
Clinically: More energy, stamina, better mood, self-confidence and clearer mind is evident. No changes in muscle mass or fat loss. Libido the same. I also notice a small degree of atrophy and a smaller quantity of sperm during ejaculation. Heart palpitations during day is also present.

Update: Blood results 1 day before my 6th injection on 250mg of Test E/once a week:
Total testosterone: 960,78 ng/dl
Estradiol: 31,86 pg/ml (in range)
Hematocrit: 48,5 Hemoglobin: 16,8 RBC: 5,39 (still in range but higher than previous time).
My doctor said that as far as the blood results are in range we can continue in this protocol. But he also said that when hematocrit raises to 50 we should reduce the dosage. His prognosis is that about in a month this will happen.
But my major problem is that all these seem that DON’T WORK! My psychology is really bad. I was really enthusiast about TRT but now I’m starting feeling disappointed. In gym absolutely there is NO DIFFERENCE! My body seems the same, my power too. Libido the same as before TRT. A little bit more energy during day but nothing special. I said all these to my doctor, he answered me that I should have seen some difference so far and the only we can do is to give more time to all this with the hope that eventually it will work.
I want to ask all of you that you have personal experience on TRT and testosterone cycles: Am I doing something WRONG? Am I impatient? Is it normal after 2 and a half months of injecting testosterone NOT SEEING ANY RESULTS? My blood exams seem better but I’m feeling the SAME! WHY? Please I want to hear an opinion, my psychology is really bad these days.

Some on here will tell you that results takes months. And i pretty much agree.

But i’ve been on TRT for years, and don’t feel ANYTHING from it. Nothing. It’s like i’m injecting water for the most part.

I still take it as it’s heart healthy.

Do you have Free Testosterone tested?

Are you injecting SubQ or IM? How fluffy are you?

This time no.
But previous time it was at 390 pg/ml (reference range 50-260 pg/ml) so I was above the reference range.

I’m injecting IM once a week.
I’m 1.75 m at height and 77 kg at weight.
I’m above 20% at body fat percentage. Especially in waist there is a lot of fat.

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This is good progress in 2.5 months time!


You’re very impatient, you expect immediate results and that’s not how TRT works. It takes 6 months to see significant changes and can take up to 6 months to “start” seeing changes in erections.

I have heard in some cases libido was the last thing to resolve 12+ months out. So many things need to align to have a strong libido, that is brain chemistry, hormones, healthy nervous system and metabolic parameters need to be functioning optimally.

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Thanks for your answers.
It’ s a really difficult phase for me. I’m feeling tired, disappointed and really pessimistic about all this experiment with TRT that I decided to start. I’m not believing that I will continue. I’m thinking seriously to give it up since I’m not seeing any positive results.
I’m afraid that I put my body in turbalence, I messed up my hormones and I’m doing harm to myself.
You’ ve said above about erections. I have to say that these last days I’ ve seen that my erections are getting more and more weak. The last two times that I’ ve had sex I couldn’t maintain an erection hard enough to make it happened. I’ve never had ED problems. Seems that my estrogens are fluctuating a lot on TRT and it starts causing me problems. My hemacrotic is getting higher in last exams. Soon I belive that it will get out of range. My testicles seem definitely smaller. My libido hasn’t improved at all. My body shape remains the same. My power in gym too. So, what’s the profit so far? Some painful injections and myself feeling worse than before.
TRT absolutely didn’t work for me. I’m going to quit before it’s too late.

One last question: Do I need a PCT in order to quit? I’m only 2.5 months on Testosterone.

No, most bounce back shortly after quitting TRT, however if you’ve been on TRT for several years, recovery can take a bit longer without a PCT.

Hello, once again.
Having spoke with my doctor, he proposed not to give up but to change my protocol by reducing the weekly dosage of Testosterone at 125mg and adding Proviron at 25mg daily.
Any experience by Proviron? In what way will this drug help?

Sounds like high prolactin to me